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  1. Bc I dont believe that someone would tell someone that they dont like their wife and then act all shocked when she stops coming around and be all “was it something I saaaaid?”. And if you are for real and you're really that obtuse, then there's no helping you anyways

  2. My partner(35m) and I(30f) we do this also where we pick tv shows. My partner went to school for movie production and directing so he is in love with tv and movies, altho he a buff when it comes to this sometimes his taste isn't the same as mine. He likes shows like Monk, burn notice, chuck. He tried to get me to watch some so I can experience what he did when he watched them. Ngl those shows are boring. I couldn't focus or engage and we have a rule where it comes to ANY tv show that we give it 3 episodes. He explained because the pilot is just to hook you but the real interest comes after episode 3 in most series. So I always try but if I don't like something I'll just tell him “hey sorry but I feel like I can't watch this anymore it's too (insert adjective) for me” they should understand, my partner he will continue watching but on his own time whatever show I didn't want to watch. We then pick a new one based off interest.

  3. sense of responsibility I feel to help

    Your ability to help her is very limited unless and until she decides to break up with him. Then you can help her move out or help her find a place to stay or whatever. But the ball's in her court at this point regarding her relationship.


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