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6 thoughts on “Olivia the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Not a healthy relationship at all. He’s liking those women’s photos and he has blocked you. Everything about this is toxic. Time to let him go and move on. You deserve better. ?

  2. he can't stop you. it's a situation where it's either two people are saying yes, or it's not a relationship. as soon as you decide it is over (assuming no marriage), well, it's done.

    this doesn't mean cut ties and run. personally I believe people should exit gracefully if there is an opportunity or reason to. but outlining “this isn't working, you need to begin planning to move out from my place” and setting concrete, measurable goals (e.g. “rent another apartment by one week from now) is the way to go.

  3. He is on antidepressants

    He needs to talk to his doctor about his non existent sex drive. It's not healthy and their are lots of other options to manage depression.

  4. Don’t you dare apologize. She was repeatedly rude and insulting, and since you stood up for yourself she’s tried to reverse it and guilt you into thinking you were the one at fault. Why are you worried if she forgives you? She doesn’t care about you or your feelings at all, she is not a friend.

  5. Ahh, so many people make the mistake of talking to family when they have a fight with their SO. The family hears so much negative and virtually no positive. When that is the info they get, how can they possibly see any good in your SO? You both have poisoned the well.

    If your family is so important to both of you that you are willing to throw away a good relationship, good luck on ever finding that perfect relationship. That is assuming that your relationship is good otherwise.

    The truth is, the baby binds you both for the life of the child anyway. You will encounter each other even after the child is an adult for graduations, weddings, etc.

    The two of you have to sit down and talk. Even if you split up, you need to discuss your child's future. If you want to give the relationship a try, you probably both need to go LC with your extended families, to give your relationship a chance. And any discussion with the extended families has to put the other partner in a positive light, no matter what. You will have to have each other's backs. Relationship counseling may help as well.


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