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5 thoughts on “Natti – Nicola -Mike the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I asked her the infamous “If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?”

    You asked and you received. Now get over it. It's been almost a year since and you're still stuck on the answer.

    I'm not insecure about my dick.

    Yes you are. You are the one making this a problem, not her. The only thing she's probably done wrong was ask to see her friends bf dick. Other than that, you need to work on yourself and leave her out of it. And based on your comment, you want to put her on the same level and “humble” her. I suggest NOT doing that, don't be an ass just because you're insecure.

  2. He's going to be in your life regardless since yall are having a baby. Are the other factors valid? Family opinion would not sway me from my SO if he was who I wanted to be with. Honestly you set that up though by sharing so many negative things with them. It's hard to blame them for not favoring him if all they hear are the bad things or majority of them. Some disagreements need to remain between partners and don't need to be spread around to everyone who isn't involved in my opinion.

  3. Idk even if she says she won't do it again it's because you want to divorce not because she's sorry to hurt you. No matter how much i loved someone i would be done with such a bullshit

  4. I will be blunt. At 38, need to do it now if you ever want kids. If this is major to you, no matter what, go do it now.

    You need to face that he might walk away.

    Go to a fertility clinic and get a sperm donor if you don’t want to use the embryos if you want to leave him out of it. But waiting any longer is accepting that you might never have kids. Indecision is him telling you he might not want kids. He can change his mind later if you split up. You are running out of time.


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