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5 thoughts on “Mina Rocket the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. You sound like a kid on the playground “I’m gonna tell teacher”. Pull up your big boy pants and tell your parents you will not take any more calls from them until they apologize to you for putting you down at dinner and tell them that the next negative comments you receive from them will result in you going NC with them as you will no longer tolerate it. Or you can tell you wife on them. Your choice

  2. He told you he had a FWB without the “benefit”?! LOL! He’s 24 and has never had sex and feels the need to lie about it but doesn’t actually understand how to lie about it?! Does this person have a job? Does he on-line independently? Is he OK?

  3. make him work for it? I don't know how, but maybe insist he court you. He wants to be a hunter, make him hunt. He will regret his notes in no time, and will really appreciate you.

  4. “Why won’t you budge on having the baby you said you want?”

    What the hell is wrong with you and why are you so upset over the idea of an adult woman choosing to keep her pregnancy?

    Pure Reddit trash.

  5. Thank you for your kind words, I really needed to hear that. I am constantly feeling like I am a bad person because I have to be the authoritative figure. I am definitely going to tell the friend to leave today I feel it’s just getting out of hand at this point.

    We share different fathers. I am the executor and as I was my fathers only child I and my step mother inherited money and property which we shared between us and my grandmother who unfortunately passed on 3 months after my fathers death due to how heartbroken she was, so everything she inherited from the estate went to extended family members.

    My mother left mostly everything to me and left me to financially provide for both brothers. He moved back in because of the death of his father so we were raised very separately and I feel we have different values. Before our mom passed she asked him what he wanted to do and I fulfilled it after she passed and have tried constantly to be there for him but to no avail. I actually even found out about him a few months before my mothers passing.

    I feel like I had to step into a mother role and I haven’t had the privilege of being a reckless kid and all I ask is for him to just cut me some slack with all the shenanigans as I have to care for the younger one. It’s really taking a toll on me and I just cannot deal with this anymore. He’s also harsh and dismissive. It throws me off and we just clash constantly. I fear there’s no resolution other than me just providing financially from a distance and just letting do whatever he wants with his life even if it’s reckless.


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