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8 thoughts on “Milana the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. And supports a cheater.

    If I was a potential gf to Op and learned he avtively stands by his cheating father I would nope out.

  2. First of all, if you divorce you will see your kids 50% of the time and she will have to pay you child support because she makes more money. You might even get the house but you would at least get half of the money if you sell it. But if you want to stay in the house and see the kids full time, accept her rules but start dating. She can’t control what you do if you are just roommates. It’s not what you want but it is your reality at the moment. But since you just found this out, take some time to process it and get your own therapist. Hers sounds shady if the advice is to blow up your family. But therapy for you will give you perspective and allow you options. Talk to a lawyer if you want because a divorce won’t be as costly to you as you think. Good luck.

  3. How often do you actually end up having sex off those initiations though? Do you have sex as often when he initiates as you do when you initiate?

  4. Honestly, if this was for something superfluous, like a new TV or a wedding, then I'd probably mock-up some formula, like the following, to try and isolate objective and subjective variables and make a more sound decision.


    But this is housing we're talking about. A basic-need. Both of you should be contributing everything you can to securing it, regardless of how to split it, even if that means that you and he own different amounts in the end. The per-month payment shouldn't be crossing either of your minds, all that matters is that it's paid and how much each of you have paid.

    Splitting bills 50/50 is one thing, because of the perpetual-payment aspect it's hot to get a sense of shared scale with collaborative earnings and the answer is 'just agree how to split it'. Housing isn't that, it's a big purchase that's paid-off over a finite amount of time, and that makes it easy to plan.

    TL:DR; you and your BF need to put-away all spare money until you both, together, have enough to complete the mortgage (including interest). Pay the mortgage from that saving account and keep a note of who's paid-in how much. When the house is paid-off, you'll be able to work-out the ownership-split, and if you'd like you could then work-out a plan on equalising the payments between the two of you.

    The arguing can wait for when its relevant. You've got a house to secure.

  5. Looks like from your comments you dumped her- good for you. That was the only reasonable option tbh. She needs to work through her own issues in therapy before she's ready to be in any kind of relationship.


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