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39 thoughts on “Mikki the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Hey, sorry it happened to you and hope you are doing better! It is classic love bombing, so you dodged one there.

  2. Objectively based on OPs situation, you're wrong.

    and she didn't say the issue was body count. She said she told him the body count, he asked and she eventually told him the details and THEN he got upset.

    It could have been something else.

    I'm thinking gangbang.

  3. It sounds like you broke her trust, that was never fixed and it got to the point that you took the punt to end things. Would getting back together fix that fundamental issue? It does sound fundamental, was that fixed, talked about etc before the decision to try again? Because if it wasn't, aren't you both walking back into the same situation?

    On your own views of her having sex when you're apart, that's kind of your own thing. Can't tell you whether you should make that an issue, because it's either going to bother you or it's not.

    With her trust issues and your issues regarding her sex life when you were apart, at the very least you're both starting on the back foot trying to get back together before you can actually really solve where you both are with this. Maybe the feelings are worth it to put the baggage aside, maybe they're not. If you're going forward, you both should aim to put the baggage aside otherwise you're just putting a time limit on the relationship and fuel for various arguments.

  4. YOU feel bad, YOU get sad, YOU feel like he’d prefer a girl with bigger boobs. It reminds YOU about having small breasts. This is a YOU problem. Once YOU realize that, YOU can work on it.

  5. I am completely misunderstanding this timeline. Try to figure out how you’re placed as the father. If you had a vasectomy in January, a baby would not be born until October or November. It’s not possible for you to have a vasectomy in January if her to have a baby in July. It also should not be possible for you to have a vasectomy in January, her to get pregnant in July, if her to have already had the baby. Unless I misunderstanding the timeline, I don’t see you as the father. Number one is take a paternity test. The average pregnancy is 40 weeks or 10 months. It would’ve also been free to do it if you had done it in the hospital.

  6. I would tell her, “I get it and I hope you have a blast. I am NOT going to laugh at you. You are trying to find love and that is cool. I wouldn't do what you are doing, but I respect the bravery and effort you are putting in. Now, I want all of the contact info for him before you go and PROMISE me you will call me when you get there.”

    Or something like that. Then when she calls the first day talk to her. Be supportive but listen. This situation is odd, but getting her to call will actually be protecting her. Then if it is freaky you can urge her to leave or – and God forbid this happens – you would be an actual witness the cops would listen to.

    So, you could call and the local police would probably go out and check on her if it was bad. Most cops in the UK are bored to tears outside of the biggest cities.

    BUT do not be too judgemental. Romance is hot.

    Middle age women are actually among the most commonly scammed of all on-line daters. I am not really sure why, but there is an industry in Africa that focuses on them.

  7. OP. I work in a care home when I'm not studying for medical school. I have a particular interest in geriatrics and psychiatry

    Your MIL is about the right age for the Earlyish signs of dementia to start showing. There are many kinds of dementia, Alzheimers is the one mainly affecting memory. Just because she doesn't seem to be losing her memory doesn't mean it isn't the issue.

    Frontotemporal dementia will typically present with bizarre behaviour changes. Usually this means disinhibited behaviour. In my experience this presents with the patient showing much more extreme versions of their typical behaviors.

    In an elderly person, when they start to behave in increasingly extreme ways, you should absolutely always suspect a UTI (they can cause delirium) or some form of dementia. It is irresponsible not to.

    This woman is very clearly mentally disabled, I understand that she may not have seemed that way but hoarding is a mental illness in itself. At this point she seems to be presenting with an inability to make rational decisions.

    Another typical presentation of dementia is paranoia. She has demonstrated that despite having intentions of buying the children food, she isn't able to make the connection that that means they should eat it.

    OP I am begging you to reconsider your husbands wishes, and under no circumstances should you leave the kids alone with her. This kind of behaviour tends to get worse and is likely to lead to violence.

    I am not making a diagnosis, I can't. I am saying that a UTI or dementia should be suspected and your MIL will very likely need some help.

    Dementia suspicion aside, i think you need to take a stronger stance on the idea of leaving your children at home alone with an irrational person. They are not safe.

  8. I thing both approaches are incorrect. I think after 3 yrs in the relationship and just finishing an entertaining series, she’s caught up in the notion that variety/ spice of life COULD be a good thing. She believes the notion that most men would jump at the chance to experience some new-new. She’s down with the CONCEPT. I also think she knows him well enough to believe he wouldn’t ever consider it, but trusts that if he ever did, he’d put a lot of thought and consideration into it. It’s a form of trust, in a sense. Aside from the fleeting feeling based on the concept after being entertained by a show, I don’t take her seriously. Reality brings forth many factors that weren’t considered in the conceptual stage. I give the benefit of the doubt she and he know that. Just my opinion…

  9. Ever wondered why so many dogs get dumped on the side of the road? Think it has anything to do with most people who want a dog get one from a breeder, leaving all the other dogs with nobody to care for them?

    If everybody adopted from a shelter i think there would be a lot less dogs in shelters and on the sides of roads, idk though it's tough to say

  10. Honey you need to stop.

    Let the man enjoy his alone time.

    He is not a child and you aren’t living together or married. He doesn’t owe you a text of if he is ok and safe at home.

  11. he’s in his kennel when we’re at work. people do kennel their dogs ya know. of course he’s not locked up when we’re home. unless she is working apparently lol. i do appreciate all the words though! that’s a different way to look at it

  12. When I 24F was your age, I dated a 30 year old. It’s a mistake. There is no making up for years spent alive and learning.

  13. What was she told to do? Was the counselor just not a good fit or are there a lot of problems that occur because your wife's behavior?

  14. So you strung her along for 5 years. Yea the relationship is over. You shouldn’t have kids if you hate them and she shouldn’t be wasting more time with someone who has so little respect for her that you’re springing this on her now when she’s already stressed about her ability to even be a mother.

  15. Do not give control of your sex life to another person. That’s the advice. He has a say in the parts of it that involve him, but you are the boss of your solo adventures. Bullets are great little vibes if you aren’t attached to the idea of a dildo.

  16. Huge difference between “forced” and “pressured.” She probably misspoke but using the word “forced” has a lot of implications.

  17. No need for drama. That's why you get sorted in secret, via a lawyer, and have him served with no 'discussion'

    ANd if he gets served at work what is he going to do? Have a meltdown in front of his workmates? He will have to suck it up.

  18. 5 years is plenty of time to know whether or not you want to marry her. I know happily married couples who did it in 2 years.

    I understand you feeling that it’s too early, but late 30s is too late.

  19. OP now that no one believes you, please give us a little insight in why you would write this. I'm dying to know every time I read such a very true story. What do you get out of it?

  20. Unpopular opinion:

    If he were to leave… tadaaaa… all problems of the child solved.

    So the problem is NOT the mother, as OP makes Reddit believe.

    But the father.

    Some Redditors even suggesting SHE should mend her ways, down dress.

    In short: HER fault. SHE changes.

    Nobody ever even inquired what OP looked lije to be openly taken for an abuser?

    And nobody actually suggested, he may want to change his looks, his behaviour in public and whatnot.

  21. Honestly, knowing the feature could totally change our perspective.

    It is extremely annoying that you refuse to name it but expect honest opinions.

  22. Clearly most of the people here don't understand what it is like to have controlling parents.

    OP obviously the best course of action would be for your fiance to stand up to her mom. But only you know if that's actually the best thing for your family. Would she be able to even stand up to her? And if she does could she handle the fallout from her mom being mad?

    Reddit always wants to go to the child of the in law standing up to their parents. Once again that would obviously be best for you. If she doesn't stand up to her now you will probably have problems in the future. But how will it affect your spouse? If she was able to stand up to her mom she would have done it already.

    Don't let reddit talk you into fighting with your wife because she won't do something that is probably very uncomfortable for her at best, and traumatic at worse. Dealing with shitty family members is a fact of life.

    Confront the MIL or fight with your wife until she does, but make sure you're thinking about your future wife and how this will affect your new family as well.

  23. Again, not an answer and just hanging out in the same friend group doesn't mean she owes you shit and you know it.

    They where not even dating and you think just because he looked at her she owes him healthy or some shit

  24. Reverse. She was all down for it when thinking of her possibilities, but as soon as reality struck that he'd be doing the same she backpedaled.

  25. It’s not the porn. Find someone more compatible or entice him. I masturbate in bed next to my wife watching porn. When she’s in the mood, we go at it.

  26. Its just weird. I kind of feel he is using this for you to dump him. If he got a happy ending why tell you unless he got a vd. Anyways just give yourselves some space focus on you.

  27. You should leave the relationship. Because anyone who outright says they're keeping their options open knowing the back story of why you're financially wobbly right now isn't in the relationship for YOU, they're in it for the money.

  28. Would you like to lose respect? Also, did you tell this guy you know he is married? If he dose and pull the “we fell out of love”. Dude is a player and repot this to HR for harassment if he don’t leave you alone.

  29. I imagine it’s because a lot of women get brought up in a way in which cultural expectations dictate they should keep their house tidy and clean to considered good human beings. It’s usually women who get judged especially in certain cultures and in certain older age groups of the house isn’t in good shape.

    Having said all that if someone could come and clean and tidy for me I would feel the opposite of bad.

  30. It won't be so casual for OP as he has feelings for the ex – he would just be hurt again when she finds someone now, and it will cause a whole new kind of mess with more resentment and all. Better to rip off the bandage now.


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