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  1. Is she unemployed because you both decided this or because she is looking for work?

    Obviously, you two are not in a good place right now. You are unhappy and it doesn't sound like she is very happy, either. It's not clear to me whether she is unhappy because she is unemployed and unfulfilled or if she is depressed and therefore unemployed or something else.

    You mention, for instance, that you get home exhausted and she wants to talk and you just want to rest. It makes sense that she would want to talk to you after not seeing you all day. Especially if she is not working, she might not have a lot of interaction during the day. But it sounds like you don't enjoy this conversation, so that is a problem. Did you use to enjoy talking with your wife? That is, is this a recent problem as you became dissatisfied with your living situation? Or have you always been mismatched regarding introversion/extraversion? Would it be possible to ask her if you could get a little time to yourself after you get home for the day to relax and quietly do something like watch tv together or read before you talk?

    Is working or volunteering something that is possible for her so she can get out of the house and have other people to talk to during the day? You seem a bit resentful that she does not contribute to the rent, even though you haven't asked her to pay anything. Have you two discussed this or made a plan together?

    One thing that you can discuss with her is about your different expectations about cleanliness and housework. It seems that she is better at seeing messes and stains than you are. Perhaps she has a lot of experience in this area – a lot more than you. Being a grown up does mean that you are able to clean up after yourself. It's not clear to me whether she is annoyed because you leave little messes behind all the time and not clean up after yourself, or if she expects that you clean up after the both of you. Either way, her input would be a lot more effective if she treated you like an adult rather than a child she is scolding.

    Regardless of how you two divide up the work that needs to be done, you two need to work on how you speak to each other. Because right now, it sounds like you two are getting in a place where you resent each other's very existence. And if that is the case, you will never work things out. Personally, I don't think it is unreasonable for her to expect that you do dishes after dinner, make the bed in the morning and clean up after your own messes during the week. Even if you work, she is not your servant and she should not be made to feel that way. I also think that she should probably give you some grace about how well you do clean up after yourself, that there is a learning curve, and the fact that you do need some time to rest. Neither of you will be perfect in life or every day. You just need a better way to be with one another and give yourself and each other a bit of grace and comfort when you don't live! up to expectations.

  2. Because I would bet my LIFE, that the football team would see her as nothing more than a pass-around cumdumpster. For her own safety and wellbeing, she should not be having sex with people that use her in such a demeaning way.

  3. Bro. Why are people like this? She's amazing in every way but you are worried that other people might think you should care that she is not currently on the same level as you career wise-whatever that means?

  4. So he lied twice about it? Fvck no. Why did he feel the need to say hi to anyone on the app at all? If he was truly trying to send pictures to his friends then there would be no need to chat to anyone at all, he's entertaining them. Being on tinder in a relationship is emotionally cheating imo, why couldn't he just tell his friends to download it themselves??? Why go on tinder, look through to stare at these other women and then send them to anyone? He should've deleted the account as soon as he sent those pictures, not keep it around to potentially cheat on you. If my boyfriend did that to me, he would be gone. I know my worth!

  5. I was on the pill for 3 months and thats when my sex drive dissapeared. But that was 2 years ago, so i dont know if that still affects me

  6. He asked you the question in the hope you would take the bait and ask him so he can dissapoint you, get angry and break up with him…

    If you are not happy then why do you want to hang on? You are so young… there will be more break ips begore your forever guy… normalise knowing what you want in a relationship and working towards that

  7. Yep. I been through the same thing. They just do what they want to do. If he don’t want to spend time with you I’d find someone who does❤️

  8. I work for tk maxx the uk version and we don’t do day after Christmas sales. We have clearance all year round

  9. You need to file for divorce and find someone who will prioritize you.

    Yes I understand his sister is family, but you should be a priority now.

    Someone people expect the bare minimum from their partners when they shouldn’t.

    Divorce him and put yourself first because your husband clearly won’t.

  10. You were friendzoned about a year ago, but if you wanna go for the gold, it'd be better to invite her out for an event, build the tension and kiss her when the clock strikes and everyone's doing it.

  11. Hello /u/Apprehensive_Book872,

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  12. Contrary to beliefs on Reddit. Physical appearances play a big part in relationships. And to some its a very big part, this may be the case with your ex. It's better that he told you instead of holding it and and resenting you in some way.

    You should probably respect his wishes. Don't feel like you have to change for anyone .

  13. Hello /u/juliez1160,

    Your post was removed for the following reason(s):

    Your title did not include at least two ages/genders or was not formatted correctly

    Posts must:

    include details about the involved parties including ages, genders, and length of relationship, and

    request advice in real situations involving two or more people

    We are enforcing the two rules listed above by making all titles start with ages/genders in the following format:

    [##X][##X], [## X][## X], or [##-X][##-X] where ## is the age and X is the gender (currently M, F, T, A, NB, FTM, MTF but more can be added). You can have more than two ages/genders listed, but you must have at least two at the beginning of your title. Here is an example:

    [34NB][88-F] We are two people in an example post

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  14. Do you want to “throw away” your relationship or your life? Get out before he uses the gun next time because there will be a next time.

  15. Is this happening out of nowhere? Or did someone bring up moving into together? Are they really pressuring you or are they trying to find out if you will string them along for months and waste their time?

    Are you interested in marriage at all? Are these women people you could consider marrying? 6 months is too early to know for sure, but is it a possibility?

  16. OP I’m your boyfriend in my current relationship. I’ve had 3 previous boyfriends that were horrible to me overall but the highs were super high. My current partner is amazing, we get along so well, it’s healthy, stable, everything I’ve ever looked for. I wouldn’t trade him for the world…

    But sometimes there’s a little piece of me that confuses the stability for boredom. Sometimes I wonder if there’s enough “passion” but it truly is just my brain confusing the toxicity in my past for love.

    If my bf ever saw this post I’d be comfortable explaining it to him so I think you should just have a conversation with him.

  17. Youre not fooling anybody. You’re not taking any accountability for your actions. You made an ass of yourself and blaming your bf for not having stopped you. It’s not that you don’t trust your bf, you don’t trust yourself. Therefore you want someone else to be responsible for you. You decided to drink as much as you did, you decided to let your mood kill the vibes rather than just accept it and deal with it once the party was over and to sit there and act like you’re the victim in all this is ridiculous. You’re old enough to know better and it’s no one else’s fault but yours.

    You don’t like your roommates? Boo hoo, not everyone gets perfect roommates. Look for new living arrangements or try to make the best of what you already have.

  18. Did you ever admit fault for anything you did with your ex-husband? I feel bad for him. Just because he didn’t fight you on the divorce and is still behaving amicably with you doesn’t mean you don’t have a whole hell of a lot to make up for if you want another chance.

  19. Happy wife, happy life.

    I am 100% certain that your wife would be more accepting of this new hobby and time/money invested into it if one, or both, of these were true;

    New hobby includes the wife, allowing for more time together The “hobby” had the potential to become a lucrative venture

    So, rather than investing in Yourself, you’re investing in your relationship and/or your financial well being.

    Pretty sure this covers her thoughts.

  20. They work in the same department. We don't see each other everyday and he's never mentioned her to me before.

  21. No worries mate! What would you do if she wants to stay? I’d keep an open mind while talking to her. Good luck and all the best!

  22. yeah i’m guessing you were groomed and see him as the holy grail because that’s how he made your naive, young self see him. as grooming goes.

    no one in an age gap relationship ever thinks it’s concerning and it’s really.. somethin

  23. If you want kids and you are 30, I'm sorry but no you need to cut him loose.

    Unfortunately, in addition to not having the same expectation timelines you don't have the same biological timelines either.

    …NEXT! ?

  24. any time anyone on reddit has a conflict with a significant other you POS automatically tell them to break up.

    it's all the same shit advice most likely from the same POS.

  25. She was not a “monster” Mage was a human dealing with massive body changes and exhibiting a side effect of that

  26. “Appreciate the now” is perfect. And it’s wonderful that you’re so excited and passionate – you just need to figure out a way to channel it that doesn’t involve real, huge life decisions for you both!

    A cheesy, secret journal for these thoughts and hopes would be perfect. That’s what I did in the early days of my relationship lol – I’ve got some cringey ass journal entries, but they’re so sweet to look back on now. Maybe a couple different pinterest boards for the home you want or the wedding you’d want to have. If you’re artistic, maybe sketch out your visions or if you knit, start working on a blanket for your future shared home. Whatever your outlet may be – channel it in a way that benefits you.

    I think daydreaming and hoping for the future is good as long as you’re finding a way to do it healthily. Right now, you’re stressing yourself out and pushing him away – just gotta find a way to express those feelings in a way that makes your life better, not worse. Look for ways to allow your feelings to prosper emotionally & internally – encourage your own heart without tying it to real world changes. We all need more hope in the world, and it’ll do ya wonders in life to keep that optimism with you, and know how to use it for yourself. In a way that’s bigger than him, and just for you – find an emotional outlet that’ll feed your soul.

  27. Idk if you’ll see this. Based on your responses I can see alcohol isn’t/wasn’t the main issue, but obviously getting drunk can lead back to pills, etc. so your ex has some good reasons to be worried. I’m more worried about the gf’s reaction. If she knows the history between y’all than she should have been more understanding. It was asking for a brief moment to not have alcohol around to cause issues with your children’s mom. That’s a reasonable expectation, her response would bug me. If she loves you, she’d get why hiding the trulys for a little bit is best for everyone.

  28. Stalking your instagram? Do you mean she looks at it? Isn’t that the point of having it , so people look at it? Block her is you are bothered by her looking at it

  29. What I said is not misleading

    haha funny joke your entire post and most of your replies are riddled with misinformation or just weird opinions. “Because she carried his kids, he should have an operation” when the whole post was about the frequency in which she was asking, 5 times in a week?

    If the roles were reversed, this would be truly disgusting, so why shouldn't it be regardless? Honestly. Why are you fighting so very hot against respecting ones choices for physical modification? Why do you think everyone is fighting you on this?

    I’m not advocating for any surgical procedure.

    your only point is exactly that. That he should rather than her

  30. So let me get this straight: she fucked you off because she wanted to do porn, came crawling back after getting railed for a living, you accept her back with open arms, then you post on Reddit about how to be considerate of her feelings?

    She's embarrassed about her past and doesn't want to bring it into our relationship

    My man you are literally a doormat. This relationship practically never ended, she just called a long break to get dicked. You don't need this in your life

  31. Nah I think he was right on this one. He told you a boundary of not showing your breast in public and what the possible outcome will be and you are choosing for this to be you hill to die on. I wouldn’t. Die here boss.

  32. Op, my husband was exactly like you at one point and he was indeed diagnosed with depression before. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m glad you’re getting help your way. We all face hardships in relationships but just keep in mind that your wife reacts this way out of nothing but pure love. I can relate to her so much because I was frustrated and worries as hell too. Trust her and trust the process best of luck!!

  33. Welp, best case: I would write a somewhat lengthy message along these lines:

    “Until you stop selling drugs and can prove to me that you can be a trustworthy and dependable partner who makes money legally and safely, I will not have a relationship with you of any kind. Here are the steps you can take to show me you are willing to be the type of partner I need:

    Procure and keep a legitimate job of any kind for no less than 6 months. Show evidence that you have ceased ALL drug trafficking within 1 month. (I want to say 1 week, but I'm being generous I suppose) Show continuing evidence that you are willing and able to be financially responsible and either work a legitimate job or start your own legitimate business, with NO illicit or illegal activities involved indefinitely.

    The instant I discover or find enough evidence to reasonably suspect any such illegal activity, this relationship will be terminated immediately, all contact methods will be blocked, and you will be reported to the police.”

    More realistic case:

    I would dump this dude faster than you can say “Breaking Bad” and look for a partner who actually wants to be a real life, responsible adult with a real job and a sense of self-respect and a desire to contribute to society.

    That's what I would do.

  34. Yes, you have to apologize here. They were both trying to help you, and you shit all over them.

    Also, you should break up with your girlfriend since you clearly don't trust or respect her.

  35. You're right, i read many Google scholar articles about codependancy and what I can do to help her heal, but most of them said that relationships like this are one-sided; that a relationship like this is tragic and inevitably terminal. I do feel broken, you're right. I find that it is very difficult to be emotionally in tune with her because her mood fluctuates so fast. One moment she's lovey-dovey, next she's having a panic attack, or mad at me. It's like trying to catch gears, ⚙️⚙️ I try to become sync with her but the gears never catch. Needless to say, she “grinds my gears” I feel like i should have my needs met. I feel like shes the most productive when im not there anyways.

  36. He needs to get a sleep study asap. And maybe sleep in a room with locked windows and doors until you figure this out.

    Sleep walking can be really dangerous

  37. Black Horseman covers that with a great saying with Rose coloured glasses and all the flags being red.

  38. I'm sorry but it's been years of this. Why have you stayed so long? She has made it clear she has no interest in putting effort into working on your relationship. It's not about the sex. It's about the lack of trust respect and intimacy.

    Get your own counselor and talk to a lawyer

  39. Damn your poor wife. Let her have a bridal shower if she wants one. And making your invitation all about the gifts is odd. Idk if you're self-conscious or something but it's just for one day. You can do it

  40. Therapy is a good start. You also need to talk to a divorce or family law lawyer to see what your options are.

    There's a phrase for the relationship you describe: “irretrievably broken.” Possibly “mental cruelty,” but in the era of no-fault divorce, they use that less and less.

    I know the situation seems impossible right now, but in time you can have a normal life again – just not with this woman. Please believe this.

  41. Yes, of course there are always things to work on but I’m glad what you do have to work on is so small compared to what you were thinking ?

  42. I’m surprised you put up with that for 8 months. I’m chronically late, blame it on my adhd but when I’m interested in a girl, I do everything in my power to get there early. Bottom line is, it conveys a subconscious lack of interest even if you’re late by accident. Even if you let them know beforehand they still have to wait at wherever you were going to meet up alone until you get there. It’s fine to be late a few times. If it’s consistent, find someone who actually values your time and communicates better.

  43. She keeps blaming her undiagnosed ADHD. Part of me understands, but another part of me thinks it's a cop out.

  44. You’re 18. You don’t really have a “sex life”. Whatever you guys did leading up to it and the fact that it had a negative impact on her is concerning.

    I’d be paying a little more attention to how this all started instead of the actual sex. Something is off here.

  45. As a tenant you should be contributing a rental payment and your share of the utilities but you don't pay for taxes, maintenance, repairs, fixtures, fittings, appliances etc. That's the owner's responsibility. If he wants you to pay for those, you guys should be married and both on the deed.

  46. Dreams don’t always mean what the are actually about but in this case it does sound like a worry of yours but was that worry there before the dream? Sometimes they feel so real that you’re annoyed at your partner the next day like when you dream they cheat on you.

    But since others have told you he is lazy then it’s obviously a thing. What does he do that makes him so lazy? Does he have a job? Clean and cook?

  47. People die from smoke inhalation before they die of the fire. Also air fryer fumes even when not “melting” can kill birds. While melting, can severely damage human lungs, particularly a child's.

    I understand his stress because police and first responders sometimes take money from homes they are going out to but your guy is either severely underestimating the risks of smoke inhalation not to mention fire or is just a jerk.

  48. He seems to be using coercion to force his preference on you. That's not a loving way to reassure someone and build your confidence about it. I suspect he's waiting for you to cave in, beg him not to break up and agree to move in. Don't do that or it'll keep happening when he wants his own way.

    Tell him you're sorry he broke up with you, but you weren't ready and need to be honest about what's right for you. Then leave him to sit with it and regret it.


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