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Mia (onlyfans.com/miaa_murr_official), y.o.

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Mia (onlyfans.com/miaa_murr_official) live! sex chat


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9 thoughts on “Mia (onlyfans.com/miaa_murr_official) the naked online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. She was pretty promiscuous before we dated, so it made me feel like I couldn't compete with her past lovers either, even though she says she doesn't do that.

    Reason #541 to not date someone with a promiscuous history

  2. Relax. If you want something serious then this sort of behavior where you try to strong-arm a woman into psuedo-committment is just going to repel most women. You both were drunk and not thinking clearly. She could have been really into you but you were coming on way too strong.

    Just cease contact with that girl. Why let this bother you so much? let it go and move on.

  3. Should have accidentally hit him in the balls with a car. Dude's an asshole, and was looking for an excuse to end things

  4. i will definitely try this to bump up my game! definitely will feel cringe and like i’m in middle school from this, but if this is what guys want, then i shall deliver ?

  5. You are trauma bonded and he is always going to be an abuser, I hope you realize that before it’s too late.

  6. Not saying that he's basically a sex offender, but there's a difference between moving in with roommates and the guy being in his own house. In the level of decision the other people have, I mean

  7. That is life, we meet people, some stay longer than others, but eventually you leave the same way you came in.


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