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7 thoughts on “Masha the naked live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Thanks ? I actually graduated on April, bought my own car and got my permanent contract since September (I broke my ankle during the summer so I couldn't work), now I'm just saving a bit each month to leave and hopefully by spring or summer at most I can afford a rented apartment or room. Finger crossed ??

  2. Honestly, if you were so important to him he'd make sure you could go on the trip too. He should want his partner to meet his “BFF” right? And give you a chance to have a sick trip with him somewhere cool? But no, it's all about him. Just keep that aspect in mind.

  3. Why do you need so many naps during the day? You have a child that needs minding.

    And you literally said you were talking to your son so how was he not present for this condescending little jab towards your wife?

  4. ???? you’re crazy. You’re the side piece and are allowing yourself to be treated like a cheap piece of meat. He’s buying off your affection and for sex.

  5. I mean life is stressful all the time. Shit happens. Why would he say he doesn’t love you anymore and that the marriage vows mean nothing because of shit happening, if he didn’t truly mean it. He’s 32, he’s not that young. I dunno. Is there someone else maybe? I’m sorry OP. Good luck.


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