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11 thoughts on “Lucie the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It's really tough, because I do care about her, and I'd love to get back with her, but I also want to have sex with her, but I want her to want to have sex with me. Not to do it because she feels pressured, or that it's the only way we can be together. How do I say that, without pressuring her. It's a mess.

  2. She put expectations on him as well though, so she needs to be an adult and be cool with doing the same as well if that’s how she thinks it goes. Just because a woman does it doesn’t mean you always have to back them up when it’s clear she’s the issue.

  3. No insults, no threats of violence, no encouraging violence, no telling an OP to go to punch someone else, no

    Thank you for your answer. Insulting me by saying I am clingy wasn't really appreciated though.

  4. Wth is this comment section? It doesn't matter if what she said was in stress or not because what she said was still said and if this is how she's going to be reacting or behaving then she needs some growing up to do.

    Op, you are not wrong for wanting to leave a woman who had no hesitation in minimizing your emotions and also the fact that she told you to go die then.

    Reasoning: I immediately got a flashback of how easily my parents say that to each other and I don't like this, I'm triggered by the comment section as well.

    Take this as projecting but to me this is a big line crossed and you won't be “forgetting it” or “getting over it” anytime soon or even after a long time. Anytime she's angry you'll remember this.

    You can talk to her about this saying:

    ” I still don't feel comfortable with what happened and what you said and to me it feels like an apology can't easily solve it, please give me some space to think about how to go forward now”.

    Then you can think about what you really need and do not listen to most comments saying “stress stress stress” we say stupid stuff but there are consequences for saying those stupid stuff and not just the fact that we say it so we need to tolerate our partners being assholes in this sense.

    I'm sorry but i suddenly feel like if genders were changed this would immediately be concluded as an emotionally abusive relationship which seems like it and that op should leave.

  5. That kind of stuff just stops when one of the parties is not comfortable.

    Otherwise welcome to 3some nightmare where the boyfriend is so nervous he can't get it up and have to watch his gf getting plowed by a stranger.

    Also I tend to think it's better to have the same sex partner search for the third party. Here she is the one in contact with the guy, and that just doesn't work.

  6. Stay off of tinder Focus on getting through the divorce, stop asking your stbxw for advice or anything related to dating (or anything period) and keep her out of your personal affairs.

  7. I an not too impressed with your bf. The fact that he continues to pressure you to have sex after you have said no – is a huge RED flag. The fact that he is driving when he is high is a second big RED flag. He is risking your life.

    Think if it is worth being with a guy that is risking your life and trying to pressure you to have sex – and using drugs.

    Sounds you could find a better person. If you want to stay. Make your expectations clear to this relationship and talk with him when he is not high. If he gaslights you – leave him – if he is ready to discuss it calmly and rationally – and suggest solutions – you might stay.


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