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Lu, 81 y.o.


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7 thoughts on “Lu the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Stop spreading that lie that guys get violent whenever they're rejected. Very very very miniscule amount of men would do that. Most guys want to protect. And if guys are that pushy, then give them a fake number. Why would you ever give a person that is a perceived threat a way to contact you?

  2. Wow. Here my girlfriend is telling majority of woman don’t like sex and here is a post where a GIRLFRIEND is upset she’s not having sex meanwhile my GIRLFRIEND doesn’t even want sex and doesn’t want to compromise and let me go out and do my thing even though I have given her that open communication saying It’d only be sex. Man at this point I probably should either cheat or leave

  3. Your response was fine. Could have added ‘I’d prefer if you don’t comment on my appearance.’ Or just ignored her.

  4. It sounds like he clearly told you already that its not going to work. Because of your religion and how that would affect his relationship with his parents.


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