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Lola & Scout, 19 y.o.


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  1. Sure you don’t know what things will be like if you break up, but you do know things are bad now and breaking up gives you the chance of it getting better. And besides all the crap you describe from that relationship, that stuff GIVES people insecurities. So yes, go online with your mom, maybe with out your bf treating you poorly and stressing you out you’ll have the energy to bond with both kids. You could also have postpartum depression after your last kids birth which makes it harder to bond, so maybe see a doctor as well. Additionally, if you continue to smell, no matter how much you bath, that could be a yeast or bacterial infection. Also google zinc and body odor, explore the info out there. For some zinc oxide application under arms can help, for others taking a zinc supplement has helped. Might be worth looking into.

  2. Double standards. 'Enjoying' and having a body responding to sexual stimulation is not the same. You were not in the room, you don't know what happened or how he felt. You only have access to OP's point of view


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