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  1. One time can maybe be a mistake. Several times is intentional betrayal.

    The fact that he is the one making her tell you seals the deal. The guy who fucked your fiancee is being more honest with you than your fiancee.

    This is not something I would get over.

  2. Have you ever actually talked to this girl prior to asking her on a date? Because honestly, I would be pretty unwilling to agree to a date with someone I hadn't even spoken to in 10 years.

    In general, it's good to have at least one conversation with someone before you ask them out. Liking posts and occasionally commenting on them doesn't count.

  3. You don't have to give a number, but if it's a lot and that would be a problem then it's better to know earlier so nobody wastes their time. It's not judging them – it's realising you have different values and anyone saying it's not a potential partner's business is dismissing the other person's feelings and right to choose.

    If the count is high, then the chances he will find out is high. Lying is no basis for a meaningful relationship and nor is intolerance or dismissal of the beliefs and values of potential partners. Another red flag.

  4. This is practically how my last relationship ended. He wanted to be friends with his ex and be her support system as she had a big life event ahead of her. I told him I couldn’t be his girlfriend if she was in his life. He couldn’t decide right away and to me that said he had chosen her. While you may be a priority in his life, you’re not enough of one. And while it really sucks to end a relationship, you deserve more than that. You deserve someone who will respect your boundaries the first time without a doubt.

  5. If you’re not okay with him being around her and he continues to be around her, then he’s crossing a boundary that you’ve set. You have every right to feel uneasy about her being around, she’s shown you disrespect before. Chances are that he doesn’t even realize that she’s flirting with him, us men can be very dense about that sort of thing. It’s bullshit if he says he doesn’t care though.

  6. Updates: he admit to emotional cheating. I finally see it that sex was just a part of excuse. He lost heart.

  7. I don't disagree with that, but overall, there are much less people who do. It's like BDSM, some people like it, and some don't. But coercing someone into it is disgusting.

  8. Well I mean really it just depends on what she likes. Imo the first one looks like cheap costume jewelry and the 4th one is ugly though, personally I would go with 2, but 3 is also pretty

  9. It takes about 10 minutes for a dumb person to fake a text thread and 3 for a smart person.

    Tell him what she's accusing him of, but don't let him leave the room without seeing his phone. You don't get to look through all of it, but you do get to look at the last few messages between them.

  10. I'm 100% with you on this. For me, politics only enters the equation when it's one of the following:

    1. They don't believe in human rights for all humans. Doesn't matter what colour their skin is, how they identify, who they want to have sex with, what religion they follow, or anything else. Every human deserves rights. The fact it's even become political is insane to me. They see the world as black and white, regardless of their position. They could agree with me on every little thing, but if they consider that position “correct” and the opposition “wrong” or they dehumanise those on the other side of the fence then I'm out.

  11. Lol, I’d actually love for this to be true. He’s made me feel so guilty over this, I’d rather he had cheated than make me question if I’m even a good person.

  12. A benihanna or Mongolian BBQ scenario is way different than bi bim bap places I've gone.

    It's none of these, Korean BBQ is its own thing where there is a grill built into the middle of the table and the meats are brought to you raw and grilled at the table. In Korea they tend to grill it for you tableside no matter what but you are absolutely allowed to touch the stuff on the grill, in the West the lower or mid-tier ones tend to leave you alone to grill the food yourself and the waiters just bring the meats and sides and clear the plates (although they'll help you grill if you ask). There are really high end ones where they do everything for you in front of you but in that case he wouldn't have been able to touch the grill at all in the first place which makes me think this is more of a like $40 per person type deal.

    f it is bugging her, there's a chance it bothers other people, which could be dicey if it involves business dinners and potential clients.

    This is fair, but I also would do a lot of things at dinner with my friends and my girlfriend that I wouldn't do with my coworkers or potential clients, we're assuming this dude has no idea how to act because his judgemental ass girlfriend (who also apparently does not know the rules of kbbq but is still judging her boyfriend about it) does not like some stuff he does at dinner. I'm fully willing to accept that this dude may indeed be a boor, I personally would not ever try and spoonfeed anybody anywhere, but 2/3 of her examples of his supposed faux-pas that she was so mortified by are either non-issues or very minor, so who's to say?

  13. Aside from her pet peeve (am I using this term correctly?) our time together is pretty enjoyable. Though when she acts up , she always gives in and wants to talk to me.

    This has me thinking …. If I do experience this same exact issue, is this a healthy way of resolving the issue ?

  14. What are you hoping they reflect on? Coming out as trans fundamentally alters Lily’s life, safety, and circumstances. I absolutely think OP made the wrong choice, but her queerness is still absolutely a reason to act with more concern. Again, don’t agree with OP’s actions, but all for protecting the hell out of trans kids.

  15. It's weirder how some people refuse to acknowledge there is a subset of husbnds who are lazy, entitled, and refuse to pull their weight in their marriages.

  16. I don't have a particular issue with family helping family. I have helped at weddings several times of the years. It can actually be fun as you generally know most of these present. Last year I was a barman for about 2 hrs. Heaps of fun. So the principal of the family helping is absolutely fine with me. But if it's a kind of guilt trip demanding thing well then that would be a problem for me. I do not agree with the posters who instantly said no. Perhaps those guys don't come from good families.

  17. For goodness’ sake, your priorities are not “in order.” You just don’t want to do what you know you should do without your boyfriend having to ask for it, then you can tell yourself it was his decision rather than yours and feel no guilt cutting off your ex, AND you can hold it over your boyfriend’s head that you did it for him.

    You’re either very naive or very manipulative, and neither is great.

  18. Tell him to grow the fuck up. You did nothing wrong. He doesn’t get to tell you what you can do post breakup and he doesn’t get to tell you off for getting on with life. It seems he wanted to punish you, as in he wanted you to be pining for him whilst he fucked his Friend” but you didn’t. His ego is bruised. He feels disappointed with his lack of power over you. If he can’t get over it, then finish with him as he’s a massive hypocrite at the very least

  19. A throw pillow!! It’s madness – and they don’t even use them? And she should sew? This guy, what an absolute headbanger.

  20. Ain’t no way. Have some respect for yourself to never let a woman manipulate you like this. That’s basically her admitting that she is emotionally cheating on him with you and will leave at the first sign of things going wrong. Who knows if she’s even cheating during your relationship as we speak! That is not “motivating” at all. Moreso degrading and pathetic. If she wants to run to him so badly don’t let the door hit her on the way out. You deserve better dude and it ain’t her.

  21. Just tell him. Yes lying/withholding information is bad but this is going to fester and worsen the longer you wait.

  22. It's nice of you to help, but there is no “we.” He needs to figure his brain put. He has to want to. Driving him to appointments, picking up books, getting prescriptions, etc. Are great ways to support someone. But you can't fix him. And the next time he even looks wrong in your dog's direction you need to get the dog out. Then you can think about why you're dedicating all your time and energy to someone's else's wellbeing.

  23. No boundaries are what you put around yourself. You remove yourself if the situation no longer serves you because you can't force her to cut contact.

  24. Children should have autonomy appropriate for their age. Not every decision needs to be made for them. It's not about being a “cool parent,” it's about not removing the child's choice for them.

    Obviously in situations where it is unsafe, or if the child is too young to make a decision, the parent needs to make a decision for them. But most children over the age of 8 have an opinion on their relationships with parents and other relatives. When they become teenagers or adults, they can become very resentful for having that decision taken from them.

  25. This OP. This. This. All of this.

    My ex put his hands around my neck. I managed to fight him off of me and called 911 after he left. When CHP pulled him over and arrested him, he was headed back to me and had a gun in the truck. Luckily I was already in the back of the sheriffs car and headed to the safe house.

    Please don’t take this lightly.

  26. I've been thinking about this yesterday, I feel like this is the rational thing to do. But still can't help but feel dead inside.


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