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Date: September 5, 2022

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  1. One time can maybe be a mistake. Several times is intentional betrayal.

    The fact that he is the one making her tell you seals the deal. The guy who fucked your fiancee is being more honest with you than your fiancee.

    This is not something I would get over.

  2. Have you ever actually talked to this girl prior to asking her on a date? Because honestly, I would be pretty unwilling to agree to a date with someone I hadn't even spoken to in 10 years.

    In general, it's good to have at least one conversation with someone before you ask them out. Liking posts and occasionally commenting on them doesn't count.

  3. You don't have to give a number, but if it's a lot and that would be a problem then it's better to know earlier so nobody wastes their time. It's not judging them – it's realising you have different values and anyone saying it's not a potential partner's business is dismissing the other person's feelings and right to choose.

    If the count is high, then the chances he will find out is high. Lying is no basis for a meaningful relationship and nor is intolerance or dismissal of the beliefs and values of potential partners. Another red flag.

  4. This is practically how my last relationship ended. He wanted to be friends with his ex and be her support system as she had a big life event ahead of her. I told him I couldn’t be his girlfriend if she was in his life. He couldn’t decide right away and to me that said he had chosen her. While you may be a priority in his life, you’re not enough of one. And while it really sucks to end a relationship, you deserve more than that. You deserve someone who will respect your boundaries the first time without a doubt.

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