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7 thoughts on “Kylie the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. I do ask him to help out which he’s always reluctant about and when he does help he always half- asses it and I end up having to re-do it all

  2. She didn't randomly blurt it out, he said his then asked for hers

    Fantasies are just that, doesn't mean you'll act on them (there are r*pe fantasy subs on here ffs)

    Not everyone pays enough attention to famous people to have ones they'd want to fuck.

  3. I like how before they were replying saying they think he’s a creep but now that people bring up her decisions brought her here suddenly she’s doing completely fine and maybe it’s just random stuff on his page

  4. This was the same read I got too. It looked like another situation with a large gap where the power imbalance is showing loud and clear. Young wife’s bozo husband is treating her like a flash light and propping her up like a fucking sex toy to these men. OP pointed out young wife appears uncomfortable with it, and she is probably reading that right. Shame on that group of men, you would think, alcohol or not, at least one would pick up on this and learn how to shit those face holes of theirs and keep their damn filthy hands to themselves.

  5. OP, your post is unreadable.

    Please rewrite this in a way that makes sense, and make it clear what you are actually asking for advice on.


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