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  1. I dated a guy like that and he made my life hell. Insecure men don’t feel like they deserve you, so they’ll create fights and drama to prove that to themselves. Let him go.

  2. I don't think so. She has always been a little bit of the jealous type, but I doubt she thinks that I would leave her. I wasn't terribly unattractive before I started focusing on being healthier. Mostly I just got scared for my health and doubled down on the fitness and diet. Tonight we have volleyball league and afterwards we'll go out with the team for a beer and to watch some football. We have leagues and stuff that we hang out with together most nights.

  3. I know it says that and I know that. OP is from Romania and they have a lot of people who have Hep B there.

  4. Ahh yes, a man has never blown up his marriage for something dumb…

    This is totes a womans issue /s

    That being said OP needs to leave her, get a good lawyer, and go for full custody.


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