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4 thoughts on “KimValentina. the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. I’m sorry. No one has replied because this is a crazy situation and you have already told us in the long post not to tell you that it’s crazy. You’ve made your mind up. You will be hurt if you continue with this fantasy. Get a man who lives near you and is available. Also watch some videos on YouTube about narcissism and narcissists because he sounds like one.

  2. Im 5’4. Our healthiest weight ranges from 118-129lbs. Your in a healthy range.

    Mental health medication will cause weight gain. I went up to 200lbs at one point. I will tell you, there’s a-lot of meds to try, don’t hold onto meds that cause weight gain, because there’s some that don’t. I changed meds and it was better, weight gain is caused usually by meds making you sleep and eat more.. and trust me eventually the happiness goes away when you are always tired and hungry.

    Also, around 24 your body changes and it naturally puts on weight as you are not young anymore. Being on mental health medication you have to go out of your way to stay in shape because life does work against you, but remember at 5’4 the healthy weight ranges from 118-140lbs, 118-129 being the optimal range, your boyfriend is a fool.

    Its rude to comment on someones weight, however I really wish someone had said something to me before I got to the point I was classed as obese because it took me almost a year to lose the 80 lbs i put on.

    To conclude, boyfriend is an AH and shouldn’t have said something. Your in a healthy range of weight, but trust me… keep an eye on taking care of your health because the meds don’t matter when you hate your body. You can love your body at any size, but for me I became depressed when I was not at the right activity level so it was counter productive to be on the meds since the weight made me depressed.

  3. Lmao, no, he's not controlling. At least nothing he's said so far has come close to telling you what you can or can't do in your post. It just sounds more as if he's opposed to the idea.

    Youre asking the wrong questions. Youre the one who wants the tattoo. What other people think or not isn't too relevant. But since you're asking they're called tramp stamps for a reason.

  4. I do respect her wishes from me, the part I struggle to understand is how somebody could even be in the same room as someone who has literally trafficked them and caused trauma for their entire life being violated like that.

    And makes me scared as to having kids; he lives hours away but if someone pops the question of him coming and she just wants to “keep the peace” I refuse to let that man near my child especially with how you can just see how he looks at children, it sickens me and scares me because my partner is a beautiful person, will be an amazing mother but that is a definite deal breaker


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