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  2. Rosie O'Donnell and Avril Lavigne had Lyme disease and neither of them ever abused their partners. He's giving you bs excuses. Leave him.

  3. 10 of 10 agree, just want to add of to the advice section that if anyone reading wants to work as an English teacher in Japan long term your best bet is to get a teaching certification from your home country so you can be qualified to teach at an international school. Those are by far the best paying jobs in the field. If OP's wife seriously wanted to permanently relocate to Japan, she'd be better off getting a teaching license than cramming Japanese

  4. That being said….hopefully the partner won't put themselves in situations in which people begin to question the issue. If my partner slept over at a guys house, and didn't have a really really good reason, I would just assume they cheated and start divorce proceedings.


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