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  2. My man… this is such a difficult situation. The outcome depends on so many things. Could you still love her after this? If you could, would the scar on your relationship ever heal? Could you trust her after this? Getting naked in front of another guy in my opinion, is not acceptable. Being together with someone comes with privileges towards eachother, one of those is that you only show your very hot, bare, defenseless self to your love. But this ofcourse differs from couple to couple, from person to person. Now the questions I listed here, don’t have have negative answers, this fully depends on you. But there is one thing you should prioritize: yourself. Do what is good for you. Because at the end of the day when you go to sleep and close your eyes, not someone else, but you have to on-line with yourself, your toughts and your feelings. Sit down, alone, and carefully consider all the aspects of this story and your whole relationship, and again, I can’t emphasize this enough: do all this with prioritizing yourself. That’s all I could say. I wish you the best, hope you can figure out how you can be happy after all this.

  3. No, but I can maybe assist you in finding someone that would be inexpensive. If you’re east coast USA. I work in behavioral therapy for adults with disabilities, so what you need is outside my field, but I do network with therapists, counselors and social workers often.

  4. I'd just look at him with pity and go, “Aw. At least you're pretty.”

    Or, “You said you weren't going to do that anymore.”

    Or, “I'm pronouncing it differently, not incorrectly.”

    Or, “Politely fuck entirely off, we're through.”

  5. Compatability matters, I've had my own experience with one sided libido, it sparks resentment that grows into a wildfire the longer it goes on. Everything else can be perfect but people have needs. Like marriage, kids, finances, if you two want different things, it's not going to work out. Hopefully you can end things amicably, explain that it's an issue for you, that you don't want or expect her to change. You can still love her but not be right for each other, people telling you to suck it up are projecting their own unhappiness. To me they sound like “my parents fought constantly but they loved each other, so why is it a problem when we fight?”

  6. This is not how sex and masturbation is for most people, period. And although she may agree with you, her actions show she does not. But tbh you sound like you suck in bed “she doesn’t have to perform and I do everything.” Sounds like you treat her like a flesh light, no wonder sex and masturbation are the same for you.


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