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11 thoughts on “Jack&Jill the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Oh no buddy any normal discussion between us is long gone. I will only be dealing in toxicity with you from here on out. So unless you want to hear about how much you suck, move along.

  2. 4 months is long if she still hasn't warmed up. Don't you want to settle down and get married now that ur almost 30? I wouldn't invest too much time and effort into a girl that I'm unsure will break out of her shell

  3. And that’s their choice! But if they did, it would carry less consequence than if a woman did, that’s the point.

  4. Colleagues at successful companies socialize. It is how you build esprit de corps. OF COURSE affairs can start this way. Just as easily the relationship can remain professionally healthy. I’ve worked around hundreds of women in my 38 year career. Some have been bosses, some colleagues, and some subordinates. I’ve socialized with them in groups and individually. Nothing inappropriate ever happened.

  5. It does not matter anymore if he is cheating or not. His lack of communication and accountability just shows he is not really capable of a relationship, at least not with you. He does not seem like he really cares. He also does not seem like he really has plans for a future if he can not respect you or your needs. So why are you with him? You say you model, you must be attractive. You don't need to be with just some guy who can't even commit to a relationship, do you? So why are you with him? You did not name one single reason for staying with this guy.

  6. Having an issue with her making money no.

    Talk to her about how you feel though. “Having some jealousy here babe I though this was our thing.” Say it in a friendly non confrontational way.

  7. Don’t waste your time on someone who you aren’t compatible with. He’s going to drag you down with him.

  8. The red flag is the 49 year old dating someone half his age. Also yes what he said is another red flag. You’re just one big fetish to him, girl we see enough of this shit on this thread. Learn from your predecessors and RUN

  9. Well from one overly sensitive person to another, you need to make him VERY aware of that. You also need to WORK on that! I’ve had to, as well! I always feel like I’m being attacked, so I’ve had to do some work to retrain my brain that the “everyone isn’t out to get me” isn’t getting me anywhere! Lol and simply ask him when he says something to you like you mentioned above, are you judging me, or am I reading it wrong! My kids and I have had this problem from me for years, but in the last I guess 3 years or so, I simply say is that a snarky yes or no or whatever or is it a simple yes or no or whatever. My kids totally appreciate the fact I don’t immediately jump to the conclusion they’re attacking me! It’s done wonders for the relationship with my kids!

    It can actually be as simple as that! I’m like wow, I’ve wasted a lot of time thinking I’m being attacked and judged and they were just simply saying something! Lol it’s hard for us sensitive types to navigate logical people! Haha but in reality, it’s a simple are you saying that some type of way??? ??‍♀️ I had to learn the hard way! Hopefully, I can help you not have to learn the very hot way! ???

    Thanks for the compliment (out of curiosity, which username do you see?-I have the one I started with, and wanted to change it! I only see the one I started with) ?


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