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  1. I know that you probably want to stay together for the sake of the baby, but for the love of god, DON'T. If you force this relationship, I promise you that you will be miserable for the rest of this marriage until divorce. (And yes, it WILL inevitably end in divorce thanks to your husband's pathetic actions)

    It's better to be a single mother, move on romantically and find a more compatible partner than to stay with someone who kicked you out WHILE PREGNANT (If your parents hadn't taken you in, you literally could have been kidnapped off the streets), cheated on you with several other women as 'revenge', and only believed you when someone else said something.

    Who's to say he won't kick you and the baby out the next time he gets suspicious? Or the next time he gets a sudden desire to cheat on you? It's entirely on HIM to repair the damage the caused, NOT YOU. In my opinion, the only thing you should be doing right now is filing for divorce. He has fucked up massively and deserves the consequences of his actions.

  2. You're welcome dude!

    Just remember you both need to be gentle with each other; she's probably absolutely mortified and you're reeling from your own feelings.

    Give it time and I'm sure “hey, remember that time this happened?” will come to both of you and you'll both laugh (though that may take a LONG time).

    🙂 look after each other!

  3. My ex used to do this. Slowly wittle away my confidence until I was depressed and hated my body. I never got a true compliment from him ever.

    He's not worth it, girl. Go find a man who worships the ground you stand on. My husband compliments me everyime he walks into the room. I've never heard him say one negative thing about me, ever. There's a man like that for you somewhere, but you'll never find him if you stay with this AH.


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