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Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. Let's re evaluate this OP, you just admitted your friends brother is your sneaky link, your bf found out that not only you slept with someone right after your date, but that the person is your friends brother and you are each other's sneaky link? And you haven't figured out why he won't let it go? You 2 are incompatible. Thankfully relationship is so early that it can end without real damage.

  2. Like the other person who commented said, it sounds like youre pressuring her into sex which sounds rapey as fuck. No wonder shes not wanting to have that much sex with you, you make it sound like thats all you care about. You could either leave her and find someone else or figure out a solution to her low sex drive. Asking her constantly for pics and sex is probably the least of her worries especially if shes tired from uni (it dies get tiring). Just have an open and honest talk where you can both make choices on what to do about it.

  3. Why are you the one trying to fix things? What is she doing to improve the marriage and get your trust back?

  4. That is odd. What do you think about that? It sounds to me like your friend has some issues and it’s really disappointing and must be hurtful. I am sorry.

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