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6 thoughts on “ the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. If he’s willing to accept you and your past, he can never bring it up and use it against you. But from my experience, that never happens even if they swear to it. So, …

  2. I will NEVER do that I have rules. F it I will call him at work tomorrow. Until then I will keep looking for a better way out of this crap. All I wanted to do tonight was watch Witcher and relax.

  3. These guys playing video games and it being more important than their SO it was f***ing chess????and then continues to use a harsh tone with her thennnnnnn dismisses her concerns – “it’s not a big deal to me” ?? “I don’t like my spouse” lol

  4. Parents probably don't know she's dating a loser. I wouldn't be very happy if some moocher was living with my daughter and treating her like his own personal ATM.

    This guy can't be bothered to help her pay for food and expects her to just do what he says cuz he asked?

    My husband would've kicked his ass out if my kid would be dumb enough to take treatment like this from some AH.


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