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6 thoughts on “HMU @ the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. There will come a time in this man's life when he will realize that having a partner who is confident enough in herself to explore the aspects of her sexuality is a fucking good thing.

    That time is not now for this moron.

    You've done nothing wrong. Your past is your past, you don't have to share it, and nor should you be made to feel shame for it. He pushed you for an answer, and he didn't like it. He's an idiot. Dump him. Find a guy who will appreciate someone sex positive and open minded.

  2. I love kids and don’t mind there being one in my life right now. It’s the fact that it isn’t my kid that makes me a bit apprehensive I guess.

  3. OP – he's realizing that shit happens and accidents happen and he is trying to be engaged and part of the process of blocking pregnancy. This really sounds like he's growing up and trying to add a second layer of pregnancy prevention (particularly since he's pushing for you to stay on the pill, which I agree with if prevention is really your thing).

    He's being careful, that's all.

  4. I considered that but I actually know a considerable amount so I don't want to be dishonest by acting like I want to learn more/acting like I don't know a lot. We have had lots of conversations about cannabis before and we have also talked about our pets/our love of animals, our coffee orders, and just about life in general. I usually end up staying in store longer than normal when he is in store because we get caught in conversation.

  5. A few options:

    He is selective about who he introduces to his family / this means he takes his time He doesn't think his family will accept you for some reason Similar to above, but he is for some reason nervous about introducing you, whether that's internalized, or legitimate He has another girlfriend that they DO know about

    Can you rule out any of the above? Do any of the above stand out to you?

    It's been 2 months, so it's a bit soon to force the issue, so maybe give him another month before asking something like “When will you be telling my family about me?”

    If he is wishy-washy about it again, ask him to be more specific as to why.


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