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  1. He lied by omission; luckily, he didn’t cheat if strip clubs and private dances aren’t a boundary in your relationship but he was irresponsible with his money at the detriment of his family. I would take some time apart to reflect on his behaviour.

  2. What is dude supposed to do to not let her leave? Sounds abusive and he doesn't need that negativity. If she tries to get out with her phone and no explanation, that would be enough for me to peace out. No need to get all controlling over a woman.

  3. It sucks people can’t be up front but whatever it is; she just doesn’t feel “it” you know. Keep on grinding and working on self improvement. It definitely gets easier.

    It’s also easier if you can figure out how to have more than one person your talking to (easier said than done) but if you can get three people and set up three dates, it won’t seem like such a big deal if one or 2 of them flake.

    Dating apps help, but honestly just getting out there at school and talking to more women will help loads too, not every date needs to be something you think could be serious, it’s just a process

  4. It's just a normal way people go about their jobs. They have to interact with men for their jobs, and some of those men will interpret their professional friendliness as a romantic overture. So they develop a strategy to preempt any misunderstandings, and it becomes a habit. You are reading way too much into this. It has literally nothing to do with you.

  5. You’re right, it was the same case for him and her, it was his parents taking custody of him so now they’re trying to catch up. Overall overreacted I’ll spend some time with my parents ?

  6. Your friend is married. Don’t ruin a married persons life. If they are truly your friend, you will keep this crush to yourself and eventually you will move on from this. Make them fall for you or confess and you’ll either ruin the friendship or confuse her because she believed she was happily married (and I don’t mean her sexuality). Drop it.

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  8. Did you know all along he was married, or did you find out after being involved with him? I’m actually kinda speechless that a therapist would suggest this???? Surely that’s not their place to actively encourage you to do this.

  9. He has valid reasons for this not to be public. Any major celebrity who is married will have a media storm over some mystery woman they may be seen with in public – which is fair. However, most happily married celebrities won’t care about being photo opted in public with some mystery woman as the media make out a storm about them having lunch with their sister or some shit – some woman they are comfortable with their wife knowing they are with. Which you don’t sound like you have in your situation- when he FaceTimes you, is he alone? Is it late at night? Or is he like hey you seem cool, here’s my wife, say hi to OP wife? (I doubt it’s the latter). Also another reason he doesn’t want you to tell friends are probably cause of trust : celebrity = rich. Unless u already rich he may have issues trusting you aren’t going to exploit him for his wealth or opportunities…..yet again though this does not sound like your Situation…your situation sounds more like this celebrity can get anything he wants and tonight he chose u and is playing on the dynamics of the situation

  10. I’m being dishonest about something in my chaos of feelings. When he did show he liked me at first and flirted a lot, I was scared to respond, so I ignored him a lot. For example, he would sit next to me at meetings and I would lean away. He saw me laughing and joking with another guy and he got jealous (mentioned above). Then he started flirting with the other girl after that. I would be extremely hard and cold with him because of how he was flirting with her. I remember one time, he got mad at me after I changed my mind again because I didn’t want to compete with her but I hated them flirting. The last thing that happened was he tried to sit next to me at a restaurant we all went to and I moved away. This was in response to him mentioning her on the ride there. It was to the point where I was jealous no matter what because of the history. But now looking back, it looks like I was also playing games with him & he may have been sick of it and trying to move on with her. With this new info, what do you think?

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  12. This screams that she’s using you as a placeholder while she still has feelings for her ex.

    Or maybe to get back at him.

    Either way, get out and find someone you can have a future with.

  13. We’re going to have to agree to disagree.

    Also I didn’t call him fake. I said this is why my opinion is that the majority of posts like this are fake.

  14. Welcome to the internet, don’t ask for opinions if you don’t want ones that might hurt your feelings.

  15. “Breaking up with her is not an option.” Why not? It sounds like you're being wildly taken advantage of.

  16. I was a horrible alcoholic. I had a few dry months but was using coke the whole time. My husband also had a “rule” that I couldn't pick up my own, only he could pick up from his trusted source. Ignored that. Eventually started drinking again. Now I am over two years sober but I had to quit everything and work a program.

    You don't have a relationship problem, you have a substance abuse problem. Life is so much better sober.

  17. Sis, I did a lot of traveling before my husband and I got married. Thank heaven it was before the era of ubiquitous cell phones. We had to find phones, get a phone card and call so there was not the focus on being available at the drop of a hat no matter what. If you checked in once per day, that was a lot given it was often 10 center per minute or more to make a call. That said, as much as I loved my then boyfriend, now husband, it was really nice not feeling like the choices I was making were being questioned because he didn't get the play by play on my day. He got the 30,000 foot view.

    You did nothing wrong. The fact that he jumped right from “she got in a car with an older man who is giving her a ride” to “she's having a wild romp” with said man is a stretch so far that the rubber band broke a long time ago. The fact that based upon that stretched false analysis he BLOCKED you… how immature does he have to be!?! He blocked you and is not willing to engage in a conversation!

    Sis, you dodged a bullet. I know it doesn't feel like that right now, but you dodged a bullet. This is the conflict that brought his lack of conflict resolution skills to light. This would have been his answer had you done anything that displeased him. Jump to breaking up and blocking.

    The fact is, if this is the extreme he took, he was looking for a reason to break up with you and you gave him a convenient excuse.

  18. Well if you don’t want to confront her just let her do what she wants while you stand on the sideline like a bone head. Not sure why you posted if you don’t plan to do anything.

  19. Talking to her and being straightforward is needed. You guys are committing enough to be living together and old enough to know this isn’t the best situation. I agree with making sure you’re calm and all that. Personally, this would be a deal breaker for me. Too many white lies and even her friends think it’s a bit much.

  20. “I don't know how to tell you this without making you upset, but I need to be honest with you. You smell down there. This is only a recent thing and I've been nervous to tell you. What's going on?”

  21. But why is it wrong to be concerned about my chances with other girls?

    Because right now (and for the foreseeable future) you need to work on yourself.

  22. I think it sounds healthy that she told you her boundaries.

    Are you honest about yours? Letting your ex come by and play with the dog once a week is that really within your boundaries or are you avoiding something?

  23. There may be legal and criminal repercussions to her actions. You can look up what your state's laws are regarding knowledgable transfer of STIs to you are (it may also be considered sexual assault depending on the jurisdiction).

    Talk to a doctor stat. See how this is going to physically affect you, your chances of disease, what habits you need to change/create from here on out, and possible treatments. Also get a full STI/STD panel done in case she kept anything else from you.

    I also recommend therapy. When my ex did something similar to me, it created a type of trauma that I'm still working through. Therapy is a much better place to process those emotions than Reddit is.

  24. That would be your ex-BF, Hun. Never allow anyone to disrespect you like this. If you keep him around after this, he knows he can do literally anything to stomp all over any reasonable boundary with impunity. Don't settle. Call the Whole Man Disposal Unit.

  25. . He bruised up my arm

    This is when u call police & file a report n get a personal protection order.

    had to assure them that he wasn’t hurting me.

    Bc they saw the signs.

    cops were there so I believe him overall.

    This line of thinking is looney to me. In healthy relationships, cops arent involved. This is toxic. Ive been in 2 domestics where I made statements. 1st was a long term bf I loved. It was super hard but I did what I had to do which is what the top statement is from. He immediately confessed. I was depressed on the couch for 3 weeks. I was unemployed.

    The 2nd was short term, he denied it. In between he called me from a private, blocked line bc there was a no contact order & tried to sweet talk manipulate me to not testify. You dont care about me anymore? He said. I said no. I testified in court & police thanked me bc many dont. He was found guilty.

  26. This isn’t about money and likely your agreement to pay one another could be scoffed at in court. Especially if you’re in the USA.

  27. That happened with an ex of mine. Seems like it's a common mistake. I guess you don't really notice the pain until it's too late. My ex did not scar but it was definitely noticeable for several weeks. I felt really horrible but she never seemed to look back on it with any negativity. Just that she would never do that again lol.

  28. Thank you for that bit of clarity. I appreciate it! Maybe it is indeed a need for more communication, I guess I’m just not sure how to go on about it since I don’t really feel like texting him “oh I’m taking of this and it’s making me upset” is particularly healthy, but I also don’t want to keep it somewhere in my head so that I can bring it up when we do see each others if that makes sens?

  29. Honestly you see a lot of these age gap relationships where the older man is the immature one compared to his much younger girlfriend

  30. Don’t let him gaslight you, you know what you saw. Just be there for your mom. Leave the message see what she says but know that it will hurt your mom. Your dad sucks

  31. Yeah so she claims that she waited until we broke up until she got with him. Even if she didn’t I still get the feeling she could be withholding information anyway. Yeah you’re right I think the resentment is really holding me back and I just don’t think I’m gonna be able to fix that. I think the worst part is that I just can’t trust her about anything at this point and I don’t know if I could really build that trust back. I appreciate the advice.

  32. A cousin on mine, cheated coz her husband was abusive, she found a person who was much better than her husband and loved her

    I'd say get to know her and her situation

    Cheating is not ok, but see what's her side.

    If you don't wish to continue, that's fine. Better not waste thyme

  33. YTA, your sisters problems and poor life choices aren't your daughters responsibility to solve.

    If I were your daughter I'd go no contact with you as you obviously don't care for her, just the convenience her car gave you.

  34. How would you feel if she started acting like that with your child in 12 years when your own daughter is that age? What makes you think she won’t do this again, but maybe hide it from you next time, she’s a rongen


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