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17 thoughts on “HannahJames710 , ??? ???? ?? ??????????.???! the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Some dudes feel good getting 1st place in a bracket of 3 people, some dudes wanna get first in a bracket of 100. It has nothing to do with your body count and everything to do with his insecurities

  2. I am so sorry you’re going through this, but I need you to know everything will be so much harder once the baby is here. Even if you were in the happiest relationship with someone who deeply wanted a baby— the nature of the game it gets a lot harder. Please consider this and if that’s what you want long term.

    Motherhood is extremely isolating a lot of the time. Please do a real gut check. You shouldn’t be this worried pre baby.

  3. They always say the younger person pursued the older one. The reality is that someone below a certain age can't “pull” someone much older than them. I'm in my 30s, and a 20 year old could run herself ragged trying to get my attention. She will never get it because I don't look at 20 year olds sexually.

  4. It sounds to me like you guys are growing apart. This is a really unfortunate inevitability of most young couples.

    She's really clear about what she wants out of her life, and I don't think any sort of compromise against those desires are going to make her as happy as she wants to be, and it's going to be unfair to you as well. She wants to be an up and go-getter, moving around, experiencing things, being an active member of her community, while you want the opposite of those things.

    It's not possible for love to be the only thing holding a relationship together.

  5. Wait wait… SHE makes your boyfriend uncomfortable and betrays you by trying to „seduce“ him in the most embarrassing way possible, then tells you YOU embarrassed her and you don‘t know how you feel about her? I feel like she isn‘t a real friend, a self-centered embarrassing person that doesn‘t give one shit about you. Break off contact.

  6. No he probably got told to write it by his therapist or similar.

    Please. Dont be so stupid. You know what kind of preteens post on reddit.

  7. He broke up with you because you put asserting your right to sell feet pictures ahead of keeping the relationship. He can't force you not to sell them but you can't force him to stay in a relationship with you.

    In your next relationship, understand that meeting “I'm not comfortable with that” with “You can't stop me” is probably going to lead to a breakup.

  8. I think part of the problem was that you didn’t immediately apologize once he said they were for work only but tried to downplay it by saying it wasn’t a big deal. It was a big deal to him cuz now you’ve disrupted his routine. His reaction was over the top but you BOTH could have handled it better. Don’t assume you can just eat anything in someone’s house, ask first.

  9. So in theory, you could love someone so much. But them not fitting into your life or goals is a good reason for a breakup? Its my first adult relationship, so im still learning haha

  10. After enough people I stopped getting butterflies for new people after 23/24ish.

    I also think that’s normal from about every other I guy I know in the same boat.

    At a certain point you grow beyond the hormones and don’t need those.

    She either meets what you need or she doesn’t, and you are free to change your mind at any point.

    I think you aren’t sure where she falls short, and trust me I don’t think you are/did anything too bad. We need breaks too( best to be kind while you say you need to go out for a bit).

    Taking away the butterflies where do you think it’s missing?

  11. If you go out of state & add living expenses, and I’m sure private lenders are happy to add books and fees, especially if comfortable mom & dad are co-signing. $250k/4 is only $62k & change a year. Easily doable for a fancy private school.

  12. On top of everything else this is going to give OP major trust issues. This is a very traumatic thing to happen to someone and his life is going to be very different now. She definitely ruined his life in multiple ways.

  13. You're 30 and wondering if it's a good idea to date your ex's friend. Obviously it's a bad idea. If you didn't know that on some level you wouldn't be looking for validation here.


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