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44 thoughts on “Evangeline (Eva) Darling the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Simple answer: No.

    There is something about the whole lying part that gets under your skin. In my situation, i pretty much figured out shit hit the fan quite soon. I guess in retrospect she cheated somewhere early July and looking at her behavior, it was late June i figured out something wasnt adding up.

    Though all situations are unique and not every cheater is cheating because they woke up one day feeling like it, but 100% trust is never coming back. I guess 99 is the best u can do. There always will be that part that knows that, if shit gets real, your wife or husband will lie to u in your face. And that is something u will never get back.

    But as a couple, you can recover from it. But it takes alot from the one being cheated, but also from the Cheater. They have to understand the fact that, definitely in the first few months, they need to put in a lot of work. One gone, trust is not easily given.

    But that only works if the Cheater has 10000% regrets of the action they did. If they dont fully understand the impact of what they have done, then they will most definitely do it again, when the opportunity comes. In our situation my wife was in a truly dark place, mentality wise. No feelings for me or for the kids and then there was this ex boyfriend all of a sudden. One that threated her like shit back in the time, but he said all the right words and did the right things. It was game on.

    She batters herself almost everyday about how stupid she was and cries alot about the fact that she almost threw away everything for someone who is a serial Cheater. But the fact she does that, does make things easier for me to accept.

    But again, not every situation is unique. They have now shown they are capable of the most sutpid thing to do and the question is: can u on-line with the fact they did.

  2. Tell her the truth. Three of you are going to a concert. Can you get your GF a ticket? Maybe sell your current ticket and buy two for you and your GF?

  3. There's a great backyard game my wife bought me for my birthday last year, it's called molki or finska depending on the brand, it's easy to learn but nude to master and it's such a blast, maybe getting a few glasses of wine and playing could be a fun date when you don't feel like going out

  4. Every relationship is different, and we come into them with baggage from how we were raised. Her family might’ve been more vocal and overt about things your family was more reticent about. We get used to what a previous partner wanted and needed, and have to change that with a new one. Your love language is probably very different from hers, and she is not helping you at all here. I’m frustrated for you! I loathe game playing like this, because we’re all adults and should be able to say what it is we need and want. It’s not always easy, but it needs to be done.

  5. You need to get rid of your bf if he's putting boundaries on your relationship with your dad. Period. If your dad hasn't done anything “weird”, then your bf needs to back the fuck up.

  6. The point I was making is I have never in my life done anything like this and never would even consider it. I’ve already said I’m going to cut down on drinking massively or stop it was my friends who are upset with me who said that’s not what they want. I have already decided to do that anyway

  7. Your age isn’t terribly relevant. It’s your stage in life, finances, and stability. There are 40yo who don’t have stability and this shouldn’t have kids. There are 22 yo who already have stable careers and financial security.

    From your comments, you don’t have those things. I would tell her that while you’d love to be a dad someday, your finances and current situation is not ready for a baby. Have an honest conversation.

  8. If you actually read some of the other more CONSTRUCTIVE comments I said I will have a serious conversation with him about him moving out, setting boundaries, and getting therapy. If he won't, I end the relationship once and for all.

  9. I mean I’m sure men find them hot but at the same time the guys id meet only praises thicker girls in real life over the slim girls and paid literally zero attention to them. Unless they were like super popular or something. I’m sure there’s a good few who like petite but it’s just hard to find one suitable to date for me. Thank you though, it’s good to be reminded of how I can still have hope in the future.

  10. I would call him out for telling you about this dream. Like what did he think he would get out of it by telling you? Then I would tell him that everything about it was highly inappropriate and his insistence upon telling you was creepy. Take time away from him if you need to. I don’t see a point to telling your mom unless you want to or if having a conversation with your dad leads to more alarming behavior.

  11. Right and that was her decision.

    That fact that my decision is different does not make it a wrong decision.

  12. Truly sorry to hear that but damn, you need to enjoy the time you have and I’m sure she would feel the same way.

  13. Ask what your wife is uncomfortable about when speaking with your sister first…is that she’s uncomfortable with the contents of your conversation or is it that you share more with your sister more than your wife? All these should be considered before pushing back in my opinion…you are an adult so you can talk with your sister as often as you like plus are there cultural differences here?

  14. Oh no i asked her directly how she felt about me and our relationship and she said it straight up she doesn’t feel anything and then tacked on that her brain is weird.

  15. Well, you hotties should stop determing who can voice opinions or not. You're not God. It's your personality that is the issue.

  16. Being smart and intelligent are VERY different things. I'm a US Citizen living in Europe and I wouldn't dream of “correcting” someone for pronouncing something different than I did. (What entitlement and ignorance and disrespect for others!!!)

    Language evolves and grows and changes… so as someone from the States this ESPECIALLY aggravates me; so many people Stateside think they're right (bEcuZ TheRe iS No OtHEr Way BUt ThEiRS!), but most have such extremely limited experience in other countries and the current geopolitical situation makes it “Ok” for people to be absolute idiots, both literally and figuratively.

    My advice as someone around his age? Dump him. I'd never put up with that crap. His pretentiousness is disgusting and he sounds like a dolt.

    Don't subject yourself to another American Idiot. I left nearly a decade ago for a very good reason.

    Best, OP.

  17. She’s probably up to a lot more that you have no idea about, and only telling you about the small things to throw you off the trail of the huge stuff. What would you find if you looked through her phone and social media?

  18. Odd, I thought that engineering required an advanced degree.

    Either way, story doesn’t ring particularly true to me.

  19. It removes the filter, it doesn't make the random shit you would otherwise not impulsively say guaranteed to be true.

  20. He probably has a significant other. That he lives with. Not worth the stress. Ditch him and find somebody willing to actually put in some effort.

  21. Tbh if I was your boyfriend and your response to the situation was “Meh, he’s always like that.” I’d be seriously questioning whether I wanted to continue this relationship.

  22. Burning toast is a mistake. Breaking a plate is a mistake. Driving drunk is full on asshole behavior.

  23. Don’t do anything. Just ignore her. If you and your husband are on solid ground as a couple, this should not affect either of you. Not sure what she’s about but it’s her problem.

  24. She wasn't joking, that's not something you joke about.

    Hate to said it, but she likely already has one in the pipe ready to go. May have even already cheated and just feels guilty so is trying to justify it.

    Don't go against your morals just because some plebs on Reddit want to absolve all women of all accountability.

  25. Anytime someone you love pressures you into something you don't really want to do it's emotionally manipulative, because you feel bad for saying no in the first place which is why she caved. After all, you kept asking so it must have been really important to you and she wasn't doing it. You should have stopped at the first no, anything beyond that is going to make her feel bad that she doesn't want to do it.

  26. being inconsiderate towards guests

    Mate, reality check time. It's a baby's birthday at 11 am in the morning.

    The only way a person could actually be put out by not having alcohol at that, is if they are a full fledged alcoholic.?

    The fact he has you even questioning this, makes me think you need a little bit more distance from him so you can get a more normal perspective.


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