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Eva, 25 y.o.


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6 thoughts on “Eva the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You will…I promise you you'll be happier. I deleted my comments out of shame. It a difficult conversation for me to open about.

  2. Yes this is flirting. I don't care if my SO is being hit on as long as she safe. If it's consistent then tell your HR person as they're trained to manage that. Your boyfriend isn't in a position to get involved anyways.

  3. I agree with another commenter – the fact that she immediately thought it was her bf is a bad sign. Either she knows him to be controlling, or she doesn’t trust him. Neither speaks to a healthy relationship.

  4. You are the drama.

    “Ugh my ex is just so nice to me. He’s the only one of my friends paying attention to me. How do I tell him to stop?”

    Get over yourself. Be thankful one of your friends is typing out long heartfelt replies. More than you would appear to deserve.

  5. Maybe do some work on yourself to figure out why this bothers you so much?

    There is nothing wrong with posting bikini pics on a 24hr snap chat story, not even on her feed, come on. This sounds more like you are SUPER insecure.

    The horror, a woman revealing her skin to others. How daaaaaaaare she!?


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