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Erik and Alice, y.o.


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8 thoughts on “Erik and Alice the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. I don't know, I want my partner to always be free to make her own choices. I just find relationships are more optimized when there is freedom instead of handcuffs. When it starts impacting our reletionship, that's where I draw the line.

    For that, you want to smoke here and there. Go for it, I encourage it. Go decompress. If she didn't give me the same luxury, I'd reconsider the reletionship.

    Why do I think this way? Because its the weed now, but what's next? Where does it stop?

    Will you start to disapprove my friends who smoke, can no longer see my friends? Because they're a bad influence? Great, now I am being isolated. What's the next thing I need to do to prove my love for you? Its a bad track to go down.

    You've put in effort to minimize your usage, that is enough of a demonstration IMO.

  2. You have a brave husband, therapy for him might be needed but all you can really do is stand by his side until he sees that you love him and he is wrong.

    He feels bad for getting beat up, maybe it’s his age and back in the day he was a scrapper?

    Either way, your a good wife to be understanding and all you can do is try therapy and be there for him.

  3. When did he ask her to go to the cabin? Before or during your exclusivity? Either way, she said no. To this point, it does seem like it's platonic, but I also wouldn't suggest you're crazy to have feelings about it, because I'd like to know the purpose of their friendship.

    Talk to her and find out the deal. This “space” obviously accomplishes nothing. Exclusivity means not seeing anyone else. She hasn't. She wants to make it official. Do you?

  4. I mean…the fanfiction community is actually really in-depth. There's some stories written online that are millions of words long, all written by someone that just had time and wanted to write a story.

    The longest I can find with a simple search on AO3 is over 6 million.

  5. In my marriage I was lonely. I came to the conclusion I’d rather be alone and single than married and lonely. Big difference! I was 41 and am 48 now and life has never been better!


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