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17 thoughts on “Eric_and_Nicole , ❤️ Private is Open! ❤️ the hard online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I'm a petite person (like slight ass, no boobs. Short, skinny) and my partner's ideal woman to bang would big ass and big titties (like huge curves, small waist). There is absolutely no way I could ever look like that. But I'm completely okay with the way I look. I know for my partner, the big ass big titty, tiny waste curvy girl would just be a fantasy, and he wouldn't actually want her as his wife. Just to have sex with. Hitting the gym to get fitter and stronger is always good. But don't stress beyond that.

  2. 100%. There’s subtext here that OP makes things like this a regular occurrence. Not dropping it and fighting with him there and the whole way home is the red flag.

  3. Okay first things first.

    It's not gonna show symptoms two days after contraction.

    If you're 100% being honest you haven't slept with someone else, than hate to say it but she's lying and she did, and that's how she got it.

  4. Sounds like he's breaking up with you in steps anyway, I expect once you're out he will pull the plug or just offer fwb until he meets someone else

    When you leave both of you become single again, so what either of you do is up to each of you once this happens

  5. You answered your own question. Maybe her parents are against her dating even though she's 22 or they're religious

  6. I have to find out first if she is willing to give up her career temporarily for my career,

    Why does she have to give up her career temporarily?

    Why does she have to relocate?

    What I do know, is that she is looking for a relationship with someone to have kids.

    Then you clearly won't be her first, nor her second priority.

  7. This! It never starts as full on abuse. It starts to slowly expand, because they see how far they can push the line. Never dismiss things even if they seem miniscule.

    I was in an abusive relationship for almost 8 years. I gave him everything, money, love, attention, did most of the chores. You know what he did?

    He blamed me for our money troubles,even when he was the only one buying non essential things. I had to not eat at work so that I could afford to feed us both.

    He first told me I give him too much love and attention, then 2 years later he said I don't give him enough attention.

    We never stopped arguing about chores. I tried so many things to get him to do just basic things.

    Right let's not forget the fact that I was always the bad guy. Even when he decided on his own something, he blamed me infront of his friends.

    Screaming, throwing things, degrading me and the last year beat the sht out of me. It starts with little things, until it becomes a big thing.

    I'm not perfect and have some blame, but when a person treats you like shit, you start feeling like one and even acting like one. In the end he decided to end it, no surprise there since he broke me until I just didn't give no more fs. He was my soul mate and I wouldn't have left him. Thank god.

  8. He needs to be on his own and work on himself. You need to work on your self esteem and self respect. You deserve better.

  9. Your mom sucks. she is choosing this creep over you. also, he's probably been trying to groom you. Stay safe! try not to spend any time alone with him because I could see him trying something.


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