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  1. It’s over man. Once she puts that in your head – sex is never the same. Leave her and make it clear that you felt body shamed. She is very insensitive and body shaming is a degrading and abusive.

    No man deserves that. No woman deserves that.

    I’m sorry to say bro.

    That would kill me dude and no way would I be a beta male and stay with her and you should t never. She deserves to get body shamed back and heart broken.

    There are plenty of girls who are ethical and will never degrade you that way.

    Get another girl man there are plenty out there

  2. I think you need to change numbers. Have your old number as a burner phone and turn it off outside normal working hours. You need to book a honey moon and leave the emergency contact as your brother. This level of control will only get worse. The constant contact isn’t good or healthy. Time to create some strong boundaries. It’s ok if your mum mopes- push through.

  3. PS You do deserve to have a good relationship with your boyfriend. I feel like you've communicated with him and that he failed you this time. You feel like you failed yourself. If you want to, maybe you can frame it as something to work on together. Like making it a springboard for better communication and empathy.

    I'd have a very very hot time with knowing how to move forward in the relationship because, by what you said about him not being good at consoling you and then pressuring you for sex, I wonder if he might lack some empathy or maybe relationship skills.

  4. Thank you for the advice. I’ll ask my parents if they would consider meeting him. Yes I’m too young for kids and marriage. That won’t happen for at least another decade.

  5. I really appreciate your time for this I really do.

    I do mind her being friends with the guy since hes toxic and cheats, ofc he's gonna be manipulative, that was my biggest concern, that's why I questioned the trust that she had so much with him and manipulation. Even before we talked I told her that it's a no for me and she should do less contact as much as possible, and she said she will cut him off if I wanted to, only reason I didn't mind much is because she is open and transparent with me about it and I have a couple of friends that cheats, but I know I can't trust them much for sure.

    She didn't cheat before, like she said to me, even before we started talking. must've been an error on my part.

    I'm a 100% with you on the blocking with emotional manipulation and toxic behavior.

  6. your gift is so much sweeter and personal than a random expensive bracelet. i’m sure she would love the bracelet too but jewelry isn’t always what girls want. the pieces of jewelry my bf has gotten me are so meaningful to me and i wear them everyday, but all of the more personal things he’s gotten me and the cards he’s written me have meant so much more ❤️

  7. I went through that a bit. Honestly you might just sort of like attention rather than really having a crush. Don't feed into those thoughts, but it's normal to enjoy some attention when it comes.

  8. Perfect opportunity to grow up. First and foremost, yes, learn that snooping through your partners phone is a red flag. If you do not trust your partner, ask yourself why you're even dating them. It's not healthy for you or your relationships.

    Second. Be honest with her. You mentioned a lot about how you feel but nothing about what she said about the situation. If you even want to consider “getting back together” then it's a conversation that needs to happen. Otherwise nothing really gets solved.

    Third. You probably didn't need a break for this. And unless otherwise specified she might even use this as a reason to sleep around. After all you guys are on a “break” which is a terrible idea and let me guess you guys didn't really discuss ground rules or possibility of getting back together?

    Fourth. Youre both young. What she said is somewhat normal for the age. The key thing is yes, those thoughts are awful but they weren't for you to read. She specifically mentions if she was single. She wasn't. You made her single so she's free to do those things now.

    That is a choice you made because you felt it was disrespectful. Why would you want to go back to that? Do you expect her to change? Do you expect her not to have those thoughts?

    If you make the choice to go back you need to remind yourself it's your choice and there are some things you can change and some things you can't.

    Fifth. If you do go back the conversation you two have should obviously involve if you two saw anyone else over this “break” because again if you didn't clarify that lol you may find yourself just not wanting to get back together if you don't like the answer.

  9. She doesn’t want you, but she wants you to keep wanting her, because it’s an ego boost. You can keep catering to her need for attention, or you can stop. That’s it really, those are your choices.

  10. First, that is inexcusable. It deserves to be met with a complete withdrawal if you can.

    But secondly you should not be getting drunk. If you can't keep your drinking to a reasonable level, you shouldn't drink at all. I'm not saying this to scold you. Get help or treatment for AODA (alc/other drug abuse) before your life is ruined by this addiction.

    Not taking your mother's side at all, just want you to know this can be serious stuff.

  11. He asked a girl for her number, texted her like he was into her, and then when you caught him he claimed he did it to trap you? And now he obsessively looks this girl up?

    Oh honey, he wasn’t texting her to trap you…

  12. Because his only priority was to get his dick wet with some new woman. That's why he asked to open up the relationship to begin with. Pretty sure he would have slept with other women even if his wife refused to open up the relationship. Men like OP only think with their dicks. Hope his wife finds some self respect and leaves him for someone that will actually love and care for her.

  13. You’ve got the best response.

    It’s not coming from a place of malice, he can’t help what he feels, it just sucks having those feelings. It’s some deep rooted evolutionary trait that just doesn’t fit in the modern world anymore, but that doesn’t help him rationalize it.

  14. This just kind of came out of nowhere for me as I've never really had a reason to doubt him, especially since he pursued me pretty strongly, and giving me a key to his place was all his idea. But his tendency to self-sabotage doesn't paint a good picture. I feel like confronting him will lead to him getting defensive, and I won't get an answer. Personally, the defensiveness wouldn't be a full on red flag, simply bc my abusive ex used to constantly accuse me of cheating on him as part of his abuse and the first few times I did get defensive despite my innocence bc how could he question my character like that? Also, we've never really fought, but when I bring up anything serious, he has a tendency to shut down instead of talking about things.

  15. Throw the whole boyfriend away. What he asked of you was gross and then sharing personal texts with her and laughing together? Disgusting.

  16. The police.

    Look there are situations that where someone is being “weird” and it’s kinda up for debate, because we are all a little odd sometimes.

    … but to say “be my girlfriend” to a tinder hookup the first time you’re inside them, yikes.

    … to call a tinder hook up from 5 different number, is waaaaaay past the “is this weird” debate line.

  17. He is icing you. Simple as that. Some dudes do that because they don't like conflict. My former fwb did the same to me even with me not being as clingy as you, because he doesn't own me anything. The difference is I took the hint and ended things for good because I didn't like the icing and expected more from the guy.

    He kissed you and accepted your blowjob because you were available. You were fwb, is not like he cares about your feelings or mixed signals.

    If you stay around one or two things will happen: or he will ghost you or he will eventually call you for a booty call (or accept it from you if you decide to appear uninvited again). Is up to you if you are ok with that or not.

  18. You're right. That is valid. But that doesn't mean people who don't want that are getting cold feet. They're identifying a deal breaker that would also be a deal breaker for many people. Granted, it would be nice if they told her that from the outset so she didn't waste her time.

    The reason I don't think it's a smart move is because not wanting to live! together before being engaged is just the first incompatibility. A lot of people prefer to weed out as many incompatibilities as they can before the commitment, not after it.

    She can and should stick to her boundaries, but she also shouldn't be shocked when it's not getting her anywhere.

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    Your post violates one or more of these and has been removed. If you have any questions regarding this removal, reply to this message.

  20. Was in a very similar situation and here’s what I interpret what you’ve posted. She’s checked out. You don’t check if there’s milk in the fridge unless you’re looking to have some milk. YOU might be working on things but, speaking as someone who couldn’t see the signs when they were in my face, she’s not focused on fixing the relationship. People don’t do things that could damage a relationship further when they want to heal it. And of course she’s going to turn things around on you, she’s mad she got caught. Redirect the fault at you and she puts you on the defensive instead of confronting her about what she’s doing wrong.

    Now let’s mention what other questions you should ask. How long was that post up? Was it the first? Has she succeeded in finding what she was “curious” about and how far did it go (if she found it, you know how far it went)? And finally, in the end, can you deal with the possibility of the worst answers to these questions?

    Finally, just something to think about; when I was looking at divorce (many years ago), I joined tinder for a very short time (nothing came of it). I ONLY joined when I’d lost all hope that my relationship could be fixed/restored and with full intention of getting laid of the opportunity arose. There was nothing left to hold on to (in my mind) at that point.

  21. I mean if you can’t get therapy then I don’t really know what you’re expecting advice-wise. The best I can come up with is try investing time in activities outside of your relationship so you feel fulfilled as a person independent from your partner. It’s worthwhile regardless of if the relationship works out or not.

    By the way, I’m no cynic and I really do hope this relationship works out for you. I believe that it’s possible for it to go well. I just don’t want to be unrealistic. I thought I’d be with my last partner forever and was crushed when he broke up with me. Now I’m with my current girlfriend and she’s better than he ever was! It’ll work out in the end

  22. It kinda seems like miscommunication with good intentions to me. In serious relationships that are long term, you are not always 100% attracted to your SO. We all go through changes and that’s okay. My husband and I have said similar things to each other but never in a mean way. He sees that you have this insecurity about size, he’s acknowledging it (likely so you can’t claim he’s lying) and saying that it doesn’t matter, the WHOLE of you trumps just the physical aspect. I get that it sucks to hear because you feel you’ve been lied to, to me I think he’s said you’re perfect in the past because as a whole you are to him. He said to not loose weight because he didn’t want you to go crazy over it and affect mental health that way. Again, these are just my opinions and I could be wrong. I think you need to take a step back. Is it just the white lie that bothered you? Does it bother you in any situation? If so, address that. But if it isn’t just him saying to not loose weight and that you’re perfect and you perceiving that as a lie, then I think you need to address your own self esteem issues.

  23. Stealthing is a form of rape, he knows what he's doing and I promise you this kind of thing doesn't just go away and fix itself immediately after one argument. You might be young and unexperienced, but that doesn't make you stupid. Up to you what you decide to do with the advice from here, it's not a coincidence when multiple people come to the same conclusion.

  24. You are speaking alot if truth!! You know he would even fly to see me so we can meet each other ? but in fact his dad, family friends on-line near me So it would be convenient for him to just pop in have a quickie and leave ?

  25. You acted better than I would under the circumstances. Bob reacting the way he did is first and foremost because he's a weak coward.

  26. Ask him to help you make a budget and see how long it takes him to understand that isnt possible on your current income. Hopefully you will both come together to a compromise of you paying between 20-35% of the bills.

    Good luck in this OP, financial incompatibility is a real struggle in relationships, hope yall can make it out the other side

  27. I mean, you herself say you texted someone else to hook up immediately after breaking up, it does not look good, you have the right to do whatever you want when you’re broken up but at the same time you can’t control how he feels.

  28. She needs to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. It could be her fear of pregnancy is making her tighten her muscles too much. Sometimes also the fear of pain causes the muscles to tighten as well. The PT will help and will usually tell you to get a pelvic wand. You use it to help get the knots out of your pelvis. She is likely embarrassed which is why she doesn’t want to talk about it but it’s very common.

  29. And you're making him 3 meals a day? All the cleaning? Plus planning to manage his Airbnb on top of that? I don't know how anyone would have the time. If you're doing gender roles where you do literally everything around the house, part of that is not needing to have a full time job. I fully understand not wanting to be fully reliant on someone but that really is a violation of traditional roles because doing all of that other stuff is ridiculous on top of full time work. That's being his mom, not his housewife

  30. As someone who was in your position, I would tell you that you will regret not picking the school of your choice.

    I went to an in-state college to stay with my boyfriend and we broke up two months after our first semester ended. We’d been together since our sophomore year. I gave up a full-ride to an out-of-state school because I wanted to stay with my boyfriend.

    Some couples your age stay together and go the distance, but most don’t. College may have you wondering what else is out there! I’m not saying you should break up, but you should pick YOU. You don’t want to do something you’ll regret for a relationship that doesn’t last. Good luck!!

  31. “Do you find me attractive?”

    You “this isn’t about me finding you attractive, this is health and about me being scared you’re going to be dead from diabetes or the plethora of cancers that can happen from being unhealthy, this about wanting both of us at our child’s wedding. I miss (insert all the activities you used to do together).”

    I’d avoid the attractiveness one because it’s a cop out. She wants to hear ‘yes’ to make herself feel better about the fact she is probably very unhappy.

  32. They might be getting divorced but she clearly doesn’t see OP as her future. He’s Mr Right Now instead of Mr Right so to speak. He should just walk away at this point.

    Personally I could never even attempt to date someone who was still living with their ex, even just casually. Even someone in the process of divorce is sketchy because there’s so much drama that you can never fully understand going on.

  33. Block him and move on. He didn’t make this person up, he is an idiot and you caught him slippin. Bullet dodged, lesson learned, move on.

  34. I'm trying to understand your message. She hangs out with this other guy 4 times a week. That's shit of opportunity for more than flirting.


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