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5 thoughts on “Effy the hard online sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. I have a very similar story regarding my dating and marrying my ex-wife. I finally decided one day that I was going to start doing some things that I wanted to do. It didn't go well. At that point, she'd had 9 years of me doing whatever she wanted, and she didn't handle the change very well. I basically just refused to do certain things (e.g. we don't need an $8K dining room set, we have a ton of consumer debt and no money), and also started doing some things for myself (e.g. play basketball 1-2 nights per week, go out with friends once a week). She became extremely unpleasant, which caused me to act less-lovingly, and then she started feeling neglected and had an affair.

  2. “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which the abuser attempts to sow self-doubt or confusion in their victim's mind”

    Did you even bother looking up the definition?

    He attempting to gaslight her by making her feel like his cheating is her fault. He’s also attempting to gaslight her when he says “everyone gets cheated on” He is attempting to make her feel as though 1)this is her fault 2)this is normal.

    You have been in these comments for literally 6 hours dick riding this dude and implying that he’s not gaslighting her, or that he’s cheating because of her.

    You need to either get a life and away from this comment section, or go find OPs boyfriend so you can suck his dick yourself. Seriously you’ve been downvoted to oblivion on every comment here and yet you are still here defending him.

  3. So do we think he divorced her after you guys ripped her a new one? Bc honestly she deserves the backlash. That man sounds like a saint, so kind and wonderful and helpful people and she seems wayyy to self involved and imaged obsessed like a rock probably has more personality than her

  4. Love isn’t enough to make a relationship work. You shouldn’t be putting his feelings over yours if you are always the one that ends up getting hurt. He’s behaving this way because he sees nothing wrong with it. You aren’t communicating and you’re pretty much acting like a doormat (sorry). You need to be able to have hot conversations in relationships. If he loves you like you love him, he’ll understand. I think you’re afraid to talk to him because deep down you know it’ll end this fairytale that you’ve created around him and your relationship.


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