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  1. Hi thanks for your reply. I feel like I didn’t paint the whole picture I guess in my post. He does things for me to show me he cares for example he cooks for me almost everyday I visit. Usually then I clean up dishes etc. But i also do things like help them take care of their dogs or other things around the house and don’t know why I’m doing that everyday. I feel like I didn’t sign up for taking care of people and dogs and stuff. He does sweet things to show me he loves me. I guess I’m just feeling like not a girlfriend who gets to go on dates and stuff and more like a family member who’s putting in effort.

  2. Omg. Wow. That is not a person who should be trusted. He knew about it, didn’t use protection and then blamed it on the stigma? He is part of the reason for the stigma. If left untreated it can milk you as it did a lot of people as it has in the past. Then he just casually drops a bombshell over Snapchat? You need to get some very hot takes from friends and family about what he did. It’s not ok.

  3. Ah yes, the classic “bf did something horrible but I can't say what, please judge him and tell me if I should leave him” thread.

    If you don't include any details no one can give you appropriate advice. Just to say in general, yes it's possible to get caught up in some illegal business live!. Sometimes just clicking a link or downloading something out of curiosity can put you on police's radar.


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