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  1. I don’t feel sorry for her. I just didn’t see many useful advice like seek therapy, apologize or something just a bunch of you shouldn’t have done that, like I think it’s too late for that. What does she do now because she can’t go back?

    I think divorce will probably happen and the most she can currently do is go therapy and apologize.

  2. You asked the right questions. He lied by withholding relevant information. When looking for your life partner – you never give him the benefit of the doubt. There's too much at stake in a world of desperate people willing to lie.

    Finding the right match is time consuming and a numbers game. He's out there. Get yourself out there and find him.

    Dump this guy. He's bad news and will always be broke paying for spouse and child support.

    RNs work hard for their money. Don't spend your life subsidizing someone else.

  3. Do you think there are ways I could help him come to this conclusion on his own? He is not the kind of person that would go to therapy plus right now he doesn’t think anything is wrong with him (just me). Any ideas on how to help change this belief.

  4. Relationships can be hard sometimes. They take work to mend little things before they become big things. All part of life but worth the effort. P

  5. An ex once grabbed me at a pub and spit on my face in public ! There were many witnesses. police were called and he was charged with assault and he was sentenced to community service and anger management counselling and there was a restraining order put in place

  6. The thing is, this shouldn't be a big emotion. Your dad has been a widower for 4+ years. It is normal and healthy that he is dating.


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