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7 thoughts on “Daisy the hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Yeah. Exactly this.

    He should have told you at the time not throw a grenade in to your relationship because his has gone to shit. He's not a nice person, either way.

  2. Sexual attraction isn't odd at all. It's a normal biological function. Sexual attraction doesn't necessarily equal a drive to have sex with that person, though.

    Also, everyone has different requirements for their sexual attraction. One of which can definitely be the requirement for an emotional connection. But, that doesn't mean all humans require an emotional connection to feel sexual attraction. A good example would be someone who is sexually attracted to a celebrity (who they have not and will never meet, therefore, no emotional connection).

  3. If you can respect each others viewpoints, then I think it’s fine, especially if you’re very nonchalant about it. It’s people who are extremists that generally cannot be with someone of an opposite viewpoint. Also just because you don’t agree on things, shouldn’t deter you from being able to discuss them, have friendly debates, etc. if it ever causes animosity between you two, then I’d start to think it’s a dealbreaker.

  4. What is her reason for staying home? Do you have children?

    Could it be that she is depressed?

    If she is not depressed, maybe she just needs something else to do to keep her fulfilled after giving up her job.

    Full-time pampering of hubby, kitchen duties, and housework may not be very fulfilling for her. Does she have some type of volunteer work, creative pursuits, or hobbies that she does instead?

  5. Well, almost every man dreams of the day a woman will just be straight forward and do what you are asking us.

    If you want to have sex then absolutely just say so. It removes the days to weeks of stupid games just to arrive at that point.

  6. It's nice of you to think of her feelings, but it also seems a bit like you think you're the best thing that's ever happened to her and without you, her world will end. What if she is also having doubts and is nerving herself up to break up with you right this moment?

    Anyway, about how you should do it: just be sincere and friendly, tell her you just don't feel it any more and want her to be free to be with someone who really wants her. Keep it short and don't try to soften it up with “we can still be friends”. Often, that doesn't work out if the breakup is one-sided and only results in further heartache.


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