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cilla, 28 y.o.

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Room subject: Goal reached! Thanks to all tippers!

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8 thoughts on “cilla the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. why not just message him? You have gave him time and space away so if you want to see where everything is then message him. You cant wait forever and you have gave him plenty of space to think if he doesnt know what he needs now then it isnt fair for you to stay and wait

  2. Just because you made an ultimatum does not mean you cannot renegotiate it. Be honest with him about the things you've posted and admit that it may “sound” ridiculous that you fear going home, it is simply the way you feel and you want his help in getting past that but it requires effort on his part, not just yours.

    Acting out and punching walls, etc., is immature. Yelling shows a lack of emotional intelligence. Y'all need some better communication skills and personal development. If he doesn't like the idea of a 1:1 therapist consider a couples “workshop” kind of thing.

    You have options – work together to save your marriage – you can't put it on him to “stop being this way” or him on you to “get over it.”

    Remember, you're on the same team.

  3. That was my first thought as well. If OP would go on to have kids with this man, he will probably only do the bare minimum

  4. This describes my ex husband's BFF so much. Any hope for those people? He is out of prison in a halfway house now, and I really think he wants to try naked not to go back. He did not like it. He has kids. But it always happens again.

  5. See the comments. Duh. We lock it at all times except when using the restroom. Final verdict is that we’ll keep it locked no matter what, even to step out for the restroom


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