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12 thoughts on “Caylin the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. He doesn’t sound like he’s being passive aggressive, so when he says it’s fine you should believe him. He sounds like a stand up dude.

    You sound like one of the few nice people on this subreddit. I say you go have fun and then go on vacation with him when you get back like he suggested.

  2. Uh huh?



    Or better yet, get into family law as an assistant. Look at all the glorious power tripping going on. How soon, often and long were you told that dad was evil and you caused it?

    Whether or not, this is exactly what parents do. Petty.

    What's funny is that the kids get to learn the truth. She likely will die alone, as post says. That's on her not you. Don't try to be or not be like her or dad or whatever. Be YOU. Let your inner compass guide your choices, or you WILL become them.

    Let it go and leave.

  3. You're lying to this sub by omission. Na that's a bit harsh. But nobody can really help you without knowing what's going on. Maybe it's your behaviour maybe it's him third wheeling maybe something else. Who knows until you share with the group. Otherwise you're just looking for permission or validation that you're doing nothing wrong. Which is fine as well, just no rela advice can be gained.

  4. You cheated on your gf. It’s not because you’re bi. That’s an excuse. You’ve already damaged your relationship, possibly irrevocably. Break up for good, seek therapy to figure what it is you need in a relationship. You did this. Not the fact that you’re bi. Unless you’re telling us you don’t know how to control yourself.

  5. Unless your old coworkers and managers were outright abusive, always leave on good terms. You don't know who knows who, or when you might run into them again. You never know if you might need your old job back, or if your old coworker will be your boss 10 years from now. Why take the risk? Just say something like

    “I have decided to pursue new career opportunities at company A. I appreciate the time and experience I have gained from working here, and I wish you well in your future endeavors. I plan to start at company A on x date, and y date will be my planned last day. Let's get together and discuss the exit strategy when you have time”

  6. My man you married someone the same age as your daughter. Was she your daughters friend? How long did you date her before you married her? Was she even over 18? I’d would never talk to you again for that and then you had the nerve to tell her you wish she had never been born? You are vile. Go and live! with your regret and do right by your daughter and leave her alone.

  7. He started a fight over nude dogs, sure the dude met have more going on that’s causing him to be set off easily but that’s not a reason to take it out on you over something so minor.


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