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10 thoughts on “call me Alice =^..^= the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You can ask whether they've cheated or abused previous partners without having to know how many people they've had sex with. One has nothing to do with the other. In fact finding out the number will do nothing to help you get the information you purport to want.

  2. Are y’all in a relationship? If that’s not been established and that’s what you would like, ask her to be your gf. And it sounds like you enjoy quality time, and acts of service. So lean into that. Do things for her as well

  3. Ok, it makes a bit more sense now.

    She’s not unreasonable in wanting to split things proportionally to income. It doesn’t matter that she’s spent money on other things, you are still making much more. You said you want to split finances like you’re married and a married couple is a team pooling their resources. The idea is both members of the couple are working nude at their respective careers and contributing in good faith, so yeah if she quit and got a job at Burger King you’d have reason to question the relationship, but that isn’t the case. Splitting equally just means you’re getting a lot more disposable income than your life partner; and why would you want that?

    The real problem is you aren’t sure you actually want to marry her so you’re trying to do this weird in between thing. You need to buckle down and do the counseling and work this out. In the meantime, keep the houses as separate property but pay a proportional share of the mortgage on the house where you’re living. You shouldn’t be sharing property while unmarried anyways.

  4. Clearly your mother is right here. Whether you want to face the music or not clearly your husband has a problem with Coke & being violent. I hope for your sake if you and from what it sounds like your future child’s sake that he seeks help for his addiction & anger issues. Also downplaying assault while on coke at a party doesn’t help change anyone’s views, seeking validation because “what he did isn’t that bad” doesn’t help anyone & is making his violent assault feel justifiable which is also kinda weird & icky.

  5. The right to privacy exists to prevent the government from abusing your private information to harm you. People don't want government officials looking at the private texts of CEOs and using it to buy stocks, or sending their brother's boss to prison so their brother can get promoted.

    What the fuck kind of abuse is the mother of your children going to use your cell phone information for? The only reason I'd consider hiding my phone from my partner, would be if the marriage was already dysfunctional and broken and my partner was a potential threat to me rather than a positive force in my life.

  6. I actually had my first therapy appointment last week. Still deciding if I want to do more.

    And we weren’t talking about apartment hunting for the two of us, just apartment hunting in general since I had been looking for an apartment for a while.

  7. You d hit the nail on the head here, Americans have a weird approach to romantic relationships in general, there's a strong undercurrent of possession and objectification of SOs.


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