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7 thoughts on “Brooke Synn the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. OK…that explains a whole lot.

    Various societies and cultures have general traits which are not

    necessarily set in stone but certainly influence things. Why this is important

    is that when you comes from a culture that is arguably more emotion-focused

    such as a rural or southern culture it can be disconcerting to encounter a member

    of a culture with is more intellectual or analytical. As I am writing this the US is healing

    and coming to grips with this dichotomy over the last 15 years or so.

    Further, what makes it especially very hot is when you as an individual step into an

    alternate society where you have no resources and the individual you are

    encountering ……MIL…… is in her element surrounded by like-minded people.

    This sort of “in-laws” and “out-laws” dynamic has been going on for generations.

    And has to handled a day at a time, an event at a time…with lots of

    patience and acceptance. Sorry.

  2. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    I am (25f) and my bf is (26m)- we have recently been getting into arguments about family. My dad really likes him and tries to make an effort, my dad isnt the most “normal” dad, he is kind of all over the place, doesn't really have his stuff together, and can sometimes really get on your nerves, but hes my dad! He really means well and is overall a good guy deep down, we have had our issues in the past, but who hasnt! He loves to come to my house for dinner and a movie- he also helps me with some household tasks in the yard or in the hosue. My mom has passed and I have no siblings so hes really my only close family. Its just him at his place and he lives in a very small, run down apartment with a horrible setup so he loves coming to my place. He comes over about once a month- recently he started asking if he can stay over as he cant see very well at night (gets dark super early now) and he is about a 45 min drive. I have let him and hes gone before I wake up. Recently my boyfriend has become annoyed with the situation and told me that he hates when he comes over and that he doesn't want him coming over and spending the night- he did end up compromising, “I will let him come over but he cant stay the night”…ever he said. We cant seem to come to an agreement- I think its ridiculous that my father cant stay the night once in awhile, he wouldn't be leaving until 10pm anyway! What do I do in this situation? I am so sad and hurt by all the horrible things he has said about my father.

    TLDR: i am frustrated with my bf because he thinks my dad is “annoying” and is trying to tell me he cant come over and stay the night once in a blue moon- how do you plan a future with someone like this?

  3. Please do. She’s abusive. She’s unkind. She may even be unhinged. This is not a good person or a well mind.

  4. do you wish your bf was hotter? When you're at the beach are you a weird dirty creep who stares at the men you see?

    Do you stare at the men and wish you were with them?

  5. She was out with him + apparently they went to go pick up more people until about midnight, we have each others locations on our phones for safety reasons so after hours of her not answering my phone calls and not answering texts, I told her I was worried for her safety and I’m gonna drive to her location. Only then did she respond with “don’t!“ and the dude drove her back home. She still didn’t bother returning any of my phone calls during this. She was very apologetic when we came home and I was pretty emotional myself. I told her I felt so disrespected and betrayed. She kept apologizing over and over but it never really felt genuine and she didn’t give me anything other than that. No excuses for not answering the phone other than “I was taking to my friends”. She went to bed and I’m out here in the living room. I think I’m gonna have some strong drinks…

  6. Kill here with kindness. Make it your MISSION to help her shape her man up!

    Invite yourself over and make her your best friend


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