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8 thoughts on “Blonde Rider the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. So. I had a hysterectomy a year ago. Everything is pretty much the same except I am dry af. Lol. Probably tmi. But nothing a little lube won’t help.

    I’ve actually been using silicone lube because it’s extra padding since I feel like my hormones, well lack of aren’t keeping things well padded and sex’s hurts so bad when I don’t use it.

    But note. If you use silicone lube with toys, silicone does eat toys and thus creating bacteria and nobody wants that.

    I don’t know if any of this helps, but a hysterectomy was the best option for me and I wish I could have gotten it done sooner because holy crap. It is so nice to not have to bleed all the time anymore.

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  3. If you are this whiney over taking responsibility for your choices, you are not ready to have kids anytime soon. At least now you know not to steamroll his boundries so, hopefully kids will be an actual joint decesion with both people on board. Be proud your bf has a spine and will stick by his beliefs.

  4. If your sister in law wants to be a train wreck, she’s free to do so. If she just wants to bury her head in the sand with the reality of having a baby, then let her be. Why make her a registry? I would stop working on that if I were you.

    Man I still have a soft spot for this baby this isn't asking to be born in this shitty situation, I just can't sit idly by watching this train wreck happen in slow motion. The only way to remove myself from the situation completely would be to break up, which I can't do. My gf is an amazing person and I won't be fucking that up.

  5. He prob just thought it was a bit odd you took a shower right after. Not too common. Unless that's not normal for you, and you made such a mess you needed to shower, then that's embarrassing.

    Otherwise, just say you took a shit and wanted to make sure your booty hole was clean for him ?

  6. Good God. Neither of you sound like you're capable of the level of communication necessary for open / poly relationships to actually work. So good luck I guess.

  7. OP would you EVER yell at her for crying? Would you ever tell her she was dumb for doing so? I will wager no, because you KNOW its abusive behaviour.

    This loving supportive partner you describe should comfort you, hold you when you cry, not see it as a weakness.


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