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7 thoughts on “Bella the naked live! sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. I hear you, that's ultimately what the issue is. Really hurts to be ignored and invalidated like that.

    I do feel better those other days. However, as she continues to invalidate me and not be present with me, the less connected with her I feel.

    That's a good idea, I agree that expressing just how big this issue is for me will be helpful.

    Of course, and I would never ask that of her. I don't want it to feel codependent, I just want a partner that is with me when they're with me.

    I think that's a great idea. I don't think that we need that, but I'll keep that in mind when we have our conversation.

  2. It’s over

    She’s stringing you along in case things with the new guy doesn’t work out

    She sounded like an awful and controlling person before this guy showed up

    I know it hurts now but she was going to eventually hurt you and it would be way worse down the road

  3. It's very possible that he sent it to your sister by mistake, but his behaviour being out of the ordinary would suggest that he was maybe intending for it to go to someone else. Especially when he's staying out late and making you feel bad for criticising his bizarre change in behaviour.

  4. He still has unresolved feelings with his ex. Explain to him that his continued connection to his ex is unhealthy, and he needs to move on by cutting and blocking his ex. Him choosing you, a person who is having similar looks to his ex, is worrisome.

    As your relationship is still new, understand these red flags. Maybe it is not time to push any ultimatum or suggestions very hot, but know that his continued connection with his ex might disrupt your relationship in the future.

  5. Just tell her you’ve enjoyed your time getting to know her but you don’t feel the romantic connection. You don’t need to say it’s physical. Just say the romantic connection isn’t there for you.


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