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Aria, 18 y.o.


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7 thoughts on “Aria the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. This is so weird, for me the problem is not even that she doesn't like you using it, is the fact that she needs you to “prove yourself” to her.

    Also I'm sorry but she doesn't have a say on what you do on this regard as it does not affect her. Do you know why she feels so strongly?

  2. Abusive, unfaithful, narcissistic and controlling

    I'm impressed by how out all women you managed to find this lady and go as far as marrying her.


  3. Here it is… the defense, I knew I would find one. A guy could come in here, say he had video evidence, and there would be at least one person defending her and giving her an out with a “I do this too” bullshit

    I do just want to point out that men are experts on what semen looks like, from minute one to two weeks later… women are not. That's why your lame attempt is ridiculous.


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