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6 thoughts on “Anika the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Don't fall for the manipulative “prove your commitment” crap. If she wanted to play that game you could just as easily say “you must not be committed to me if you're going to break up over it”. It's fine if she doesn't want to be with someone who smokes, it's fine if you want to keep smoking. If that's the case then you're simply not compatible.

  2. Let me ask you this: what positive things does he bring to your life?

    All of these are negative, and it feels like he’s trying to break your self-esteem. That’s emotional abuse. This will only get worse.

    Dump him and move on.

  3. “One of my coworkers later asked me to continue saying what I was saying.”

    Let her burn her own bridges. People are likely seeing what she's doing.

    Your new coworker is likely hoping that drama will occur so that she can paint herself as a victim. Don't give in. Just be as natural as you can and don't show any sign that she's getting to you. She wants drama.

    Do NOT accept a friend invite. If she brings up her invite………just tell her that you don't accept invites unless that person is your friend. She can't force a friendship on you.

    If any of my coworkers want to exclude me because of the new co-worker? Fine. It just shows me that we(myself and old coworkers) aren't as close as I thought.

    At the end of the day, when you refuse to go along with these manipulative games……it bothers the manipulator.

  4. It doesn't seem that this was ever likely to be a stable situation, or that a stable situation was ever promised to you. So just enjoy the good things as they happen, and try to mellow out about what might happen.


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