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Alyssa Renee, 20 y.o.

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12 thoughts on “Alyssa Renee the hard live! sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. So it’s simple.. she fucked up, it was meaningless, she apologized and you forgave. Next step is how do you personally get to keep it moving.

    I agree with you while intoxicated, she made a mistake and confesses and asked for forgiveness immediately it should be granted. I would do the same because the woman I know loves me unconditionally and trusted me enough for me that’s enough. And she was fully willing to tell me she messed up and asked for my forgiveness. My unconditional love would have granted it.

    The issue is I wouldn’t want this shit talked about in the relationship. I’ve drank, she’s drank, I’ve said dumb shot she’s said dumb shit. When we’re sober we’re both at like that was dumb we were drunk. Can I get there with this situation.

  2. Text him there’s no reason to cause any more issues or confuse your boyfriend. He was friends with benefits. He wasn’t a great love. Just text him and say I enjoyed our time but I have a boyfriend now.

  3. So what happens when one of these 'hot' girls makes a move? Does his demeanor suddenly change? 'Nah bro I love my girl I would never…'


  4. I think I would find it odd if my husband had long conversations with a sibling that many times a week. Sorry. It just feels like you’re overly dependent on each other. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does.

    Sounds like your relationship and closeness with your wife could do with the same amount of attention.

  5. Well she is making the trip so a gift isn't crazy, you know? What does she like? I don't think I'd go jewelry or anything unless you really know her, but just look around and something should pop out and remind you of that person. I give gifts because whatever i give made me think of them. I've never seen anybody hate em yet. They're not expensive usually and sometimes free but it's the thought when it comes to that shit so go with what you know.

  6. I wouldn't do ANYTHING that involves your parents and money. You are going to get screwed, and if your name is NOT on the land you are about to build on, DO NOT BUILD.

    do not take your dad's word for it. if it isn't in writing, signed/notorized, then DO NOT DO IT!!!!!

  7. Does he think he is living in a sitcom? He has shown that he isn't mature to handle this situation. Now that you are trying to make him see this in a different lense you're the bad guy.

    If he can't reflect on it and wants to live! in a fictional world of black an white, it's better to leave him. Also the line of you never knew him at work, does he transform into the Hulk? Or is he always lying?

  8. That's a him problem. When you accuse your wife and her brother of incest over jealousy you move past the realm of what's embarrassing. The only hope for your relationship is therapy, and even that's not a guarantee.


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