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13 thoughts on “⭐️ https://onlyfans.com/saekokawai the naked live! sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. So ill likely be down voted to oblivion but her goes.

    You made the decision to abort, he disagrees, so its not mutual. He then is obligated to help pay for the abortion, despite his objections? And your asking if the relationship is salvageable, personally from a male perspective I wouldn't stay with any women who aborted my child outside of health reasons.

    I'm sure people are going to say I'm wrong and list off why but thats just my opinion

  2. Nta. You don’t owe either us nor him an explanation of your body count or a number at all. Him equating body count to killing kittens is ????

  3. From the other hand if someone is a stripper isn't it their responsibility to make sure there will be no baby? Like I'm not blaming them at all, but if someone's working as a stripper with some merely bigger agency they are signing many contracts etc. Are you sure they were strippers?

  4. My husband and my general rule is for the month of December we don't buy any fun gifts for ourselves without checking in with the other. So if I want something specific I'll show him and ask “am I safe to get his?”

  5. Sadly, it’s usually a combination of taking advantage of the inexperienced and/or aspects of the toxic situation are actually normalized for the person posting; it was part of something they grew up with that maybe wasn’t challenged as toxic or called out as a problem.

    To a lesser extent it could be aspects of neurological development issues which makes it more difficult for the person experiencing the abuse to recognize it as abuse.

  6. Weird you'd wait til after you've slept with her to decide her secret fantasy is too much for you. Sounds like you got what you want and now you're ready to move. And still somehow according to the comments, she is the one that's the issue.

  7. You're not selfish. Even tho he seems to be acting out of a place of hurt, his actions are still causing you emotional harm and putting you in some very tough positions. Needing support for that is not selfish.

    IIf we hurt the ones we love, even if it comes from a place of our own hurt, we still need to fix it and make the other person feel safe and loved again, or accept if they no longer want us because we crossed a boundary. Even tho he is hurting, he is still responsible for the harm he causes. It worries me that you feel selfish for needing support, its ok to also have your needs.

  8. You can't fix him. You can't make him treat you with respect. He doesn't see a problem with his behavior. He refuses to see a problem with how he treats you.

    He is not interested in change.

    I really think this relationship is very unhealthy for you.

  9. This was a pill that was always going to be hot to swallow. It's unrealistic to think in this day and age it wouldn't come out eventually, we found out last year that I have a half brother and had my dad known he existed, I and my siblings probably wouldn't be here today.

    Its better than you were the one to tell her even though it doesn't feel like it right now. Her fiance is being protective which is understandable, but reactionary. The only thing you can do is reach out and reassure that you've known the entire time and it doesn't change anything about the way you feel for her and you're more than happy to seek counseling together if its beneficial.

  10. Cheers to the ladies that do! I couldn’t. I would want to talk to the wife to make sure he wasn’t lying, and then when we talk I know we’re gonna be friends, and I can’t sleep with my friends’ husbands ?

  11. You never said that in your post, and one pic? You’ve been dating over a year and you have one pic with her yet she’s comfortable enough to start a fitness page yet not take a second picture with you? Really???

  12. This is a very valid question. I am rarely angry. I’d say I get annoyed but never angry now that I think about it.


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