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18 thoughts on “❤️ ???? ❤️ ????? ❤️ the hot on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a LIVE Cams

  1. Your wife sounds awesome and I think the best way to thank her for being in your corner would be to take a leaf out of her book and start sticking up for yourself. Set boundaries with your parents and don't waver on them. It's great that she defends you, but these are your parents and it's very unlikely their behavior will change unless you are the one to put your foot down in a decisive manner.

    You don't need to have a big confrontation to do that, either. You can tell them that you are tired of their abuse, and need time, and then just fucking block them on everything. It doesn't have to be forever, but it would probably do wonders for your self-esteem.

  2. To be honest, what motivation does he have to get a job and be financially independent. You have always been supporting him and continue to do so.

    You need to stop. Do not fix his computer, let him know his 3 month holiday is over and you are no longer supporting him. I agree with others that you need to move on.

  3. Dude. Did she say that? Did I have that information in the text? No so stfu

    She needs to leave then instead of asking for advice from you idiots. She's been with him for how many years now? Funny how u females can jump to conclusion. She could have asked him whilst being blackout drunk to do things and just not remember. No one forced her to date him at 15, that was her choice. I'm not defending him but dam you guys can jump to rape pretty dam fast.

    She said she doesn't remember, clearly there is missing information. She could have been a completely different person whilst drunk.

    But just for the sake of shutting you up here you go.

    He is a rapist, get away from him.

  4. Bro at I entered 28 single af and at 31 I’m married you need to chill. That anxiety will ruin more potential relationships then itll save

  5. I think OP is a drAma queen who downplays what his wife is going through. That's the vibe this post gives me. If I was her, I would be the one reconsidering marriage.

  6. I would call it quits. Sex for me is very important. If my boyfriend/husband/partner stopped desiring me and being generous in bed with me, as much as I am, I am no martyr, I’d be gone. Done this already.

  7. So I can understand the desire to blame the coworkers. And maybe they are egging her on because they want her to start going out with them or something. But the real problem is she’s saying these things to you. And some of them may not have even been things that coworkers have said. She’s just floating things going on in her mind and saying “they “say this. But even taking it at face value so and so at the salon said I shouldn’t be with you anymore and I can do better than you. If she cared about you why would she say that out loud. She would tell them to go fuck right off. But she’s engaging in these conversations and then going out with them, and then following it up by saying I wanna break up with you.

    Just let her be gone and stay gone

  8. Yo did he really say that word for word? That’s insane. Glad you left, there are guys out there that would kill for a girl with a higher libido just like there are girls that hate when guys have a higher libido than them. Just gotta work on yourself til you love yourself enough to be patient in finding that person you’re compatible with so that you don’t end up in a similar situation again

  9. This comment section is not passing the vibe check.

    You’re parents of a young baby, so this is possibly a temporary schedule adjustment and it will get better over time. That said, you say he’s falling asleep at 7:30 and getting up at 6? That’s 10.5 hours of sleep a night? That’s concerning if he needs that amount consistently to function. Maybe he needs to see a doctor?

    Resentment is a function of envy. I’m an insomniac married to someone who falls asleep in about 30 seconds. I’ll cop to being insanely jealous sometimes. You say you’re up at night with the baby. Do you ever get uninterrupted sleep like he does?

    Lastly, sounds like you’re also looking for time to be together as adults. How can you two fit that in without sacrificing sleep? Can you get a family member or friend to watch the baby while you two get brunch, take a walk, see a matinee?

  10. I do this. People think I’m not very emotional, but I feel things deeply. I analyse things deeply. And because of that one of my defense mechanisms for something big, something which will make me crumble, is to only deal with it a bit at a time. You emotionally put it away until you feel safe enough to manage the outburst. If this is one of the larger emotional hurts you’ve experienced could this be it? Do you feel safe to be emotional? Or are you currently on emotional lockdown. Dealing with the practicalities first, then when you’re emotionally safer, you have time and space and have taken out the trash, you’ll have the emotional dealing?

  11. This is extremely childish behavior, and it shows very poor character. Imo, the issue isn't so much – “is she trying to cheat.”

    It seems more an issue of what kind of person she is, and is she someone deserving of you.

  12. Sounds like you started dating her under false pretences if you knew you were going to be deployed and didn’t want attachment and you didn’t tell her this in the beginning.

    You shouldn’t be dating anyone if you are so cold that you run away at the first sign of emotion in someone.

    You do need to break up and think carefully about what you want from someone for your next dating experience.

    You should be up front from the beginning that all you want is casual FWB type thing with no emotion or connection if you’re not capable of that, so you don’t waste anyone else’s time.

  13. I mean, this is BS. You know it, he knows it and we all know it. If he's not already cheating he's certainly planning or hoping for a chance to.


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