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11 thoughts on “♥ MEGAN ♥ ? 20 September the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. Pray you get away with it. You’re as bad as she is. How can you justify her not telling that poor guy and allowing him to be financially responsible for kids that may not be his. Disgusting.

  2. Tell him that if he doesn't sort it out then he needs to be out of your place come the day after xmas.

    Then report back. ✌️✌️

    P. S. This isn't real advice.. This is me giving advice to what I perceive is a woman in 20s relationship with a child that will inevitably fall apart if the child can't grow up soon…. This advice is for my entertainment purposes only! ?

  3. Congrats on being sober! That’s a good first step…

    However, I don’t think coming to reddit to ask how you should feel about the invite is the best thing to do before you have actually spoken to the people involved.

    Did you talk to your “SIL” about how you are now sober and what options you would have if you attended? Have you conveyed your concerns about another incident happening? Have you spoken to your boyfriend about not feeling supported if he is drinking or set boundaries about him being able to drink if he wants to? If ya’ll are as good as you say you are, then I think they just wanna make you feel included? I mean— it’s fairly common to extend an invite to someone’s SO if the SO is invited, no? Despite not being told yourself? And if you all are good, shouldn’t it be easier to just talk to them?

    To be honest your post already says how you feel. You feel like people are out to get you. Some slight resentment also comes off with all of this. It’s a little bit, I really want to and am tempted but I need others to help me enable my sobriety. I get it, you struggle with alcohol and that’s understandable but other people don’t and you can still find a compromise. It’s coming off as You have to be considered as unsupported when your boyfriend wants to drink. Your SIL has to consider whether or not the kind of party she’s throwing works for you. If you feel unsafe with SIL and your boyfriend wants to drink at this party, you can try and find a middle ground to all of this?

    You can say no to events, by the way. If you were not feeling up to attending a wedding, then you could have conveyed that as well. People talk a lot about them having to respect your boundaries but these people have those too. Maybe SIL’s boundaries got crossed when what happened at the wedding happened? Maybe your boyfriend likes to drink to let off steam? As much as people can support you, I have to point out that the bulk of this journey is something you have to do yourself. Whether that’s staying home alone until your boyfriend comes home sober and while others go out to enjoy themselves so you can completely avoid the temptation, you have to also be respectful to not ask people to change their whole lifestyle because of you. They can, if they want to, but should also be allowed their luxuries at some point?

  4. I have an abnormally good sense of smell and I have also been diagnosed with OCD which I work hard to combat every day. What you describe sounds to me a lot like myself when I was at my worst, except I only included myself and never pushed it on anyone. Does he show any other signs of OCD?

    All I can say is that, from my experience, it was the worst thing ever. Showered three times a day, constantly reapplying deodorant, etc. I knew it was wrong and over the top but I couldn't help it. I could smell myself constantly. The thing that really forced me out of it was being put in a position where I didn't have a choice.

    With that in mind, my advice would be to put your foot down. Tell him that you will shower, put deodorant on and maybe once more through the day, but that's it. If he can't accept that, then he's welcome to leave.

    I would also recommend that he gets some mental help, too.

  5. She wants different things than you do. She's acted in a way that has made you feel like your sexual relationship is not just between the two of you. Regardless if she never brings up a threesome with this guy again, you know she wants it. That knowledge has completely warped your view of the relationship to the point where it will likely never be the same.

    It's time to move on. Go find someone that actually wants monogamy, and let her find all the partners she craves.

  6. As someone who has had a lot of emotional instability due to my childhood and other things…. she isn't sensitive.. she manipulative. You allow this, so she thinks it's okay. She will “get sad and sensitive” because you called her out. So, do it one on one and BEFORE going to the restaurant. All you need to say is,”hey it's cool if you want to bring people along but I can't pay the bill for everyone. As long as you can cover it or they can, they are MORE than welcome. I'll see you at 8″ Even with all my issues, I would never cry over my mother saying she isn't paying for my friends or whatever… it's b.s.

  7. They’re not denying cultural teachings and the culture in general. They just don’t want them to be sent to a religious school. Religious schools are abusive and disgusting. My bf suffers a lot of trauma from Catholic school. I wouldn’t want my kids in any religious school.

  8. The only men who say entering, playing pool, getting the water you need etc isn't fine is men who don't want the option it poses when women are allowed (and clearly can) do these things. So now he is trying to guilt you into not doing these things he clearly can't or won't do by designating these actions as masculine and you abnormal for successfully completing them

    He isn't a good mate, find a better man who isn't so insecure


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