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  1. As someone who has practiced both faiths, there is a strong incompatibility. Are you willing to live as a christian? Also dating this man especially outside of your religion is already “haram” so are you willing to denounce your faith. Have you thought all of this through? How will you raise your children especially without family support? You guys just seem young and blinded by love. You guys have barely even lived.

    Also the long term effects of all this this will be detrimental to your marriage and kids. Love isn’t enough in a relationship so start thinking about the necessary foundations needed and the hardships that may come with a 2 religion household. Are you going to pray 5 times a day while he doesn’t? The man should lead in prayer am I right? Do you wear a hajab? If so do you want your little girl to do so? That may conflict with his views farther down.

    Listen i’m not telling you what’s right or wrong, i’m just inviting you to really think long term. Your 3 years of yearning may not be worth a lifetime of head and heartache.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. Why are you such a hater? Let people believe in what they want. There’s nothing wrong with people believing in god or not. We shouldn’t be judging or hating on others for their personal beliefs or choices in life. Hopefully you find peace and think about how your words can hurt others.

  3. Most people wouldn’t even admit to their partner they have feelings for another especially if nothing physical has happened yet. The wife did so good being honest and preventing anything more of coming from it. I would hope I’d be as lucky as OP if my partner ever develops feelings for another.

    OP is gonna F this all up when it could have brought them closer

  4. Have you literally tried TALKING to him about it??? By your post, it doesnt sound like you have actually talked to him. Mf what do you think is going to happen if he doesnt get support from you or doesnt have anyone to talk to about it? Nothing good, thats what. You have done nothing (it sounds like) to comfort your 'best friend' or offer him support. Tell him you know, dude. Tell him you dont judge him for staying with her, and for hoping it would get better. Tell him that her cheating doesnt immasculate him or make him weak Tell him he deserves better, tell him she doesnt love him. Tell him that he is worth more and shouldnt let himself be used like this. He isnt at fault, its his partner. She is manipulating him, and taking advantage of him. She doesnt deserve his affection, or anyones for that matter, considering how she abuses it.

  5. Don't insult your husband by asking him to go. Tell the ex “no” and ask him not to contact you again. Then tell your husband that he texted and how you shut it down.

  6. Are you a sociopath? It genuinely seems like you might be. I’ve never encountered someone with so little empathy and so little moral character. To answer your question, I would absolutely not talk to my sister if she went behind my back and slept with the guy I was dating and didn’t give a single shit about my feelings. Why would your sis want someone in her life who cannot be trusted, wouldn’t hesitate to betray her, and certainly doesn’t love her or care about her feelings? You keep emphasizing that they weren’t exclusive, but when you love someone, you care about how they feel and you do things to avoid hurting them. You don’t try to argue semantics, like “technically…” No. You knew she liked him, and she was actively dating him, but you weasled in behind her back to try to steal him. He saw you as an easy fuck and went for it, and then dropped you, just like anyone with a brain would’ve predicted. You have shown yourself to be inherently untrustworthy due to your ability to completely disregard other people if it benefits your self-interest. So yeah, you’re not someone anyone would want around their bf or husband because you’ve shown that you’ll do what you want and find ways to rationalize it.

    Nevertheless, you’re here to figure out how to do the bare minimum with her just so (you think) he’ll start fucking around with you again. So this is the answer: there’s nothing you can do. Despite your sociopathic inability to understand how she feels, you betrayed her, and you don’t get to decide the timeline on which she chooses to talk to you. You’ve reached out, she’s not interested, and now you have to leave her alone. And just let go of the delusion that this man wants anything with you. He wanted sex, and now he’s happy to use this dumpster fire as an excuse to move on.

  7. Not sure why you’re getting downvoted. I think I was definitely up my own ass with the rental and it wasn’t personal to her. I see all these guys just buying their gf / S/O flowers and not even cooking them dinner… but I get raked for doing a weekend getaway 🤷🏻‍♂️. Whatever, I’ll get downvoted.

  8. I think you may be right. But then again, sex is still an important part of a relationship, right? My fear is him wanting to do all those wild stuff he used to do with him in the past and I just can't give that to him. Granted my boyfriend already told me that he was done with all that but it's still a possibility that he may change his mind in the future.


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