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  1. I would be really careful, it would be a red flag for me if my friend touches my bf's hair and is trying to have a close physical contact with him. Could be nothing but be careful.

  2. Still doesn't change that those are low numbers overall, but your average guy is treated like a ticking time bomb nowadays. If you feel threatened you call for help or call the cops. Not enough women report anything to it's too late and that's a shame. Sorry about your mom though, no really, but like a lot of women you take personal issues and attribute them to how the rest of the world is

  3. She does say that quite often that the way I bring things up makes her defensive because she things it rude. I am very straight forward. I have tried to sugar coat and really revise before saying anything to her. But I find myself in the same position all the time.

  4. Nreak up with her and cut all contact. No communication, block her everywhere. If you aren't complete idiot you should understand she has just deleted her cheating from chats begore showing you.

    Any normal person would have left her about ten times by now. She won't change, she will continue cheating on you, if you stay with her at least do not pretend to be a victim here. You onow what kind of person she is it's conscious decision to be with her.

  5. Maybe your mom is bisexual and asked your dad to find a threesome partner. Maybe they've already hooked up with all the women your dad is following.

    Maybe it also isn't your business.

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