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Date: October 24, 2022

19 thoughts on “VirrginChloee live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Oh, he can absolutely leave his pregnant girlfriend, he can also fight for custody and demand a paternity test

  2. She’s isolating you. It starts with this kind of bs. It gets worse. You truly have to leave this person. I beg you not to overthink this or think you can fix it. Your therapist is either in on it or just horrible- . Run.

  3. You are not the arbiter of this information. She is presumably an adult, not a child with special needs. Shame on you.

  4. Girl you are basically a female version of me in that you are blaming yourself for something that you didn't do wrong at all.

  5. I try to help the man plan, use his calendars and or alarms on his phones. I've been a receptionist. Held it down and got everything I wanted and worked for. I already know the most successful people are the most organized. To me… his life would still be kn complete shambles if I never offered help. I told him calmly I wanna see you win and do great but I cant help you if you dont ask or learn and grow. I feel dumb I'm keeping his kid.

  6. Apart from the fact he sounds like an absolute psychopath….if his mood and personality has literally flipped like a switch it’s one of a few things; 1) he’s actually this cruel and just fucking divorce him already and stop torturing yourself 2) he lied during your whole marriage and now you’re seeing his true colors 3) a serious medical issue. Either way why are you letting him treat you so poorly?! If you have children, what would you say to them if they came to you and told you that their spouse is doing to them what your husband is doing to you.

  7. Get the bloody video down and why did your sister have to take it upon herself to make the reveal about her with a prank. It’s such a sentimental moment and she ruined it, I’d be pissed too.

  8. When I was a freshman in college, I too wanted to be a professional singer. I was getting my voice degree and one of the few things I learned in that god-forsaken music department is that a good voice teacher can teach anyone to sing. There a boy in one of my classes that, on the first day of class, could not sing a single note correctly. By the end of the class, he wasn't an awesome singer, but he was hitting the correct notes!

    I agree with some of the commenters below. He probably does not have a chance in hell that he will make it professionally. However, that doesn't mean he can't enjoy it and improve. I personally would be encouraging of his hobby, and definately encourage him to take more lessons, but someone needs to let him down easy by telling him most singers never make it professionally, and odds are he doesn't have a chance. It may be time to find something else he can do. He needs to start pulling his weight in your relationship because it seems like you are doing all emotional work, as well as physical work. He needs to step up and realize that living day to day iwth you is more important that achieving a dream that will never come. It sounds like if he doesn't let it go, he'll lose you, and I'm not sure I would blame you for leaving.

  9. Well she could very easily leave her phone at her work place and be doing whatever she wants to. Especially now that she knows you are tracking that and it almost got her busted

  10. In just reading the title, I thought: Bill Clinton would agree with your husband. But Ken Starr and most of America would not.

    It is true that an orgasm will release a lot of tension. But so will a good cry, a ( non sexual) massage, or even jogging. But it is illegal in most of the US for a massage therapist to give you an orgasm as part of a massage. Because it's sexual.

  11. Why is it the second that people start doing this when they find out their partner has more money than they thought? It's called savings for a reason. She knew that your job pays well and that you have other investments. Like… she's seeing it and thinning it's her money to spend.

  12. Either you have a cognitive impairment and genuinely cannot remember from one second to the next or you are being willfully homophobic in calling your sister’s partner her “friend” after everyone has pointed it out.

  13. If I was in your shoes, I would just tell him the truth. Something along the lines of “I'm just not feeling social/feeling like seeing anyone right now/just need some alone time”

    If he can't handle that, then look at it as a sign of incompatibility.

  14. You need to look up cheating.

    Honestly, I'm tired of this shit. It's pretty much second nature for most people to blame the guy in almost any situation.

    His gf nudged him to take a shot with the other girl. As per the incident, OP was cuddling with his gf when she asked him to join the other girl.

    Secondly, they all were drunk. So you can't give his gf a pass for being inhibited and not do the same for him. The only difference is that OP remembers what happened while his gf doesn't. Both of them were inhibited enough to forget about their agreements.

  15. I’m not trying to control her and I’m not trying to give her an ultimatum. It’s more about for my own health. I’m not trying to talk to her about this to make her feel bad about dating him. I’m just letting her know about my feelings and I just feel like I can’t be friends with her right now.

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