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Date: December 31, 2022

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  1. Just because one person changes that much in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to accept it. I would express your concerns but don’t feel like your the one with the problem, this happened after you started dating so it isn’t like you knew.

  2. Sweetie. Mom here. I thought you would be asking if you should contact police. It scares me silly that you’re afraid of going back. Are you in therapy? Those of us who get away need that. We get help. We come out stronger and happier and more confident than we ever were. Because we got out. We never pick an abuser again and we get help. You aren’t alone. Many of us have been there. Block his number. Keep proof of every time he contacts you. If it continues then get an order of protection. This man has hit you. This man could kill you. You get into therapy yesterday because you deserve it. There are free services for domestic violence in every city in the US. Use them. If you feel yourself thinking he’s changed, remember how it felt when he hit you. Reach out to me and I’ll remind you. Please. We’re talking about your life.

  3. This is not the way to treat either of you. Tell them if they ever want to see you again, to consider behaving like normal human beings

  4. Seems pretty simple, own up and tell them its yours. It seems your sister knows about your sexuality and has kept that secret for you despite you letting her take the fall and be punished for your actions. Your sister is a much better person than you.

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